10 Secret Techniques to Improve Light Decorations

10 Secret Techniques to Improve Light Decorations

One thing that can easily mess up a great architecture is bad lighting. You need to get it right or you suffer from an interior that you cannot appreciate yourself. Perhaps, you’ve heard the cliché the devil is in the details. Here are some secret techniques to cast the right light in your home.

Have a light plan

Before you even decide to buy a type of light, devise a lighting plan first. Do this for every room, taking note of the function of each. Determine how you want the light to flow from one area to another. Also, consider the aesthetics of the interiors. Are you after a vintage glamour effect? Choose quirky designed or multi-functional chandeliers.

Mix the light sources

Apart from creating a favorable atmosphere, various light sources highlight the lighting need in a particular space. In the living room, for instance, light specific corners especially those that allows focusing on a specific object like the frames, plants, or furniture pieces. Use lights with cast lights upward or downward.

Think of the wattage

Depending on the purpose of the lighting, you need to choose a light with appropriate wattage. For reading lights, the appropriate is 40 to 60-watt bulbs. The light should be in the middle of your head and what you are reading. A 60-watt light can be used at the computer table. The light should not be brighter than the screen.

Dress up the lights

Fabric shades that complement the overall design of a room can be used to cover floor or table lamps and even chandeliers. Lighting experts claim that shades offer a more comfortable light quality. This also creates a sophisticated yet casual look. You may also use glass shades instead of fabric shades.

Replace switches, install dimmers

For a more dynamic interior, forego your switches and put dimmers instead. In this way, you may easily adjust the lighting to whatever effect or mood you desire. Install dimmers on the family room, dining room, and bathroom, places where people usually linger. Dimmers are great because they save energy while extending the life of the lights.

Place lighting in multiples

Lights are typically installed in its entirety. To make things more interesting, why don’t you install two mini chandeliers instead of a big one? You may also try stylish variations with pendant light on the kitchen. They don’t have to be uniformed. Experiment until you arrived at the desired style.

Diversify the height of the lights

Hanging lights can alter the overall ambience of a room. In the bedroom, for instance, you may use a hanging lamp instead of a bedside table lamp. Hang the lamp lower for a glamorously modern look and hang it higher to highlight the bed itself or the headboard. Do this for all the multiple lights that you are using. Layer the lighting within the same room if you must.

Add special lighting effects

Pastel colored light-emitting diodes or LED lighting provides the whimsical effect. LED lights also come in different designs that you can manipulate to decorate walls, tables, corners, etc. Some even come in changing colors. You can place these lights under the bed or sofa for the colorful, glowing effect.

Decorate with DIY lighting projects

Creative ideas abound. You just have to unleash your creative self to illuminate your place the way you want to. Have you seen a hula hoop chandelier? Or a scrap metal light? Mason jars outdoor lighting is also common nowadays. For ambient effect, glue oil doily or lace around the jar.

Choose natural flickers

In most times, candle lights can add drama to a rather dull room. Candles aren’t your only choice, though. For example, you may put glow sticks in the kid’s room. Sunlight and starlight are also perfect. All you need is a clear roofing, which is perfect for patios, terrace, and garden. Good for you if your garden welcomes thousands of fireflies at night.

There are many tips and tricks when it comes to improving light decorations. Again, it would be better to experiment with what you have. If ever you need to buy something, make sure that it is within your lighting plan. Ask for the expert’s advice if you have to.

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