Lighting is an important fixture in your homes. Having the sufficient amount of light boosts the confidence of your home which results to a pleasant atmosphere. According to Chinese Feng Shui, beams of sunshine brings good luck into your respective homes.

Avida Towers Centera takes pride is showcasing a beautiful location for you, alongside the easy access to malls, commercial offices, and public transportation. Additionally, you can incorporate lighting techniques to make your condo sharp and fresh. So, here are the home lighting design tips for your condo.

Home lighting has two main purposes in your home, one being the primary function of providing illumination, and two being the mood setter for occasions and gatherings. So, placing the right bulb and light stands throughout the different areas of your condo would help you enjoy your time relaxing.

  1. The rooms

Before you start changing the light bulbs in your place, you first have to consider the function of each room and area. What are the uses of the lights in a particular room? How many light bulbs are needed for this room? Should there be more light or lesser light for this room?

When you have a clear-cut idea and estimate in your mind, you can start analyzing the exact placements of the lights.

  1. Three Categories

Now that you have some ideas, the next step is to categorize the lighting fixtures to fit your home design and your needs. The three commonly used categories, in this case, are general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.  Most of the light fixtures would fall in these different divisions, but you should be informed about these categories.

General lighting is the most familiar one among peers. It is the most regularly used source of light for rooms and perhaps the most popular one. Often, it’s an overhead fixture that serves as the overall base for the light in the whole room. The primary purpose of the general light is to wholly and immediately bring sufficient light into the room.

On the other hand, task lighting has a more particular purpose. The foremost goal of task lighting is to provide a more comprehensive amount of light for a particular spot of the room that a distinct work is being done or accomplished. An example would be the reading area in which a proper light such like a table lamp or floor lamp would be needed. The light would not be too far or too close to the person, as per the seating arrangement and the purpose of the light is achieved.

Accent lighting has a more dramatic purpose for your room. The light does not warrant the need for providing vibrant light, and instead, it focuses on setting the mood of the place. For instance, an accent light would go well when trying to exude emotions coming from paintings on your wall to the viewer. Accent lights bring focus to the people and the things you want to have your attention on.

  1. Decisions

When you have the kind of lights you need for your condo, you can decide which ones would be perfect for the bedroom, kitchen and living room. You could have more accent light in the bedroom or the living room. Task light and general light for the kitchen.

You could have all the choices in the placements of the lights. Just don’t overdo it. Have the adequate mix of all the lights in your condo. Also, remember to utilize the natural light you have from your place.

And that’s the home lighting design tips you could use for your condo. At the end of the day, no matter what light you will be choosing, you have to comfortable and happy in your home.