4 DIY Loft Lighting Ideas

When one thinks about a loft space, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a high ceiling space, with a lot of natural light decorated in industrial style. Still, this is only one of many options for you to consider. No matter what you choose, the idea of lighting will play a vital role in the overall aesthetics of the place, which is why it more than deserves your attention. Here are a few useful tricks you can use in order to make your loft gorgeous and completely unique. Furthermore, seeing how most of these ideas are completely DIY you might even stand to save a no small amount of money in the process.

1.     A strong emphasis on natural light

The importance of natural light for your loft space is so great that we couldn’t help but mention it as early as the first sentence of the article. Not only is this natural phenomenon vital for the mental health of all the inhabitants, but it also saves you quite a bit of money, when it comes to your electricity bill. Still, the toughest problem you will face here is probably the issue of how to make the daylight penetrate every corner of your home. Well, there are several tricks you have available.

You need to start by realizing that the size of windows isn’t the only thing that affects the way in which the light enters your home. There are numerous tricks that can enhance it, like light shelves, mirrors,  and parans. The first two can be installed through a simple DIY project, while the latter requires a complicated installation, being a sophisticated, borderline-prototype technology.

2.     Focus on safety

One of the things that make the installation of any kind of light fixtures inside of your home problematic is the issue of the roof. You see, a leaky roof is a trouble of its own, but if you were to attempt a DIY project that includes electrical gear (such as artificial lighting fixtures) it becomes ever more troublesome. In order to minimize the risk of electrocution, you might want to look into leaky roof repair services in the neighborhood. Once you have successfully dealt with this, you might feel free to proceed as planned.

3.     Vanity lights on the wall

Even though vanity lights are something that traditionally gets installed in the bathroom, there is nothing preventing you from doing something similar in your loft. All you need to do is find the right spot, which could ideally be above the place you intend to highlight. Some people do this above the coat rack, others do it just a bit over a cupboard on which they have a valuable item on display. Either way, you need a couple of pendant lights and the right rack to mount them on. One of the most popular ideas here are the so-called cage pendant lights, seeing how they add to the above-mentioned industrial tone we mentioned earlier on.

4.     Exposed duct lighting

Finally, one of the things that most lofts have in abundance are probably the supporting pillars. While some see these construction elements as an obstruction of natural light, others see them as potential holders for additional artificial lighting fixtures. With the help of some exposed duct lighting, you can easily work your way towards transforming these pillars into beacons of light inside of your home. Needless to say, this revolutionary lighting idea fits both industrial and contemporary style of your home. With the right decoration, it might even be made to go along vintage setup.

The best thing about all of these lighting ideas is the fact that it allows you to fully express your creativity in the process. First, you have to use the natural light to its full potential, which on its own isn’t a simple thing to do. Next, you have to find the fixtures that go along the overall layout and style of your loft. Here’ we are talking about the choice between aforementioned pendant lights, wall scones or appropriate wall lamps at the strategic locations. Most importantly, however, you need to make the light feel like a part of the room and not just as one of its elements.