What is a home without proper lighting in it? The light in your home defines its beauty and serves the very important aspect of illuminating it so that we can perform day to day activities without any hassle.

Often we tend to confuse ourselves when it comes to installing lighting equipment in our homes because we are unable to decide what to let go off and what are the things that we really need? The result is that we end up buying extra lights that we just don’t need and hence increase our electricity bills rather than controlling them.

With good lighting equipment comes spending a little extra budget but by using the right equipment; not only you will be saving yourself a good amount of money but also will be able to provide your home with the much needed balance and beautiful ambiance that it deserves. Check out these 5 mistakes that you should not make while choosing the right lights for your home.

Source Of Light:

Don’t just rely on the one source of light for your home décor. This is the most important aspect of incorporating lights in your home.

5 Lighting Mistakes You Are Making!

5 Lighting Mistakes You Are Making!

Use different mediums ranging from table lamps to chandeliers and from cornered standing lamps to small energy savers. With this; you will be able to install the lights in your home at the right place.

Over The Top Lights:

Adding too many lights to your home décor will not give it a very aesthetic appeal for sure. Therefore; it is not recommended to fill up your home or any specific room with extra lights or use the bulbs with eye popping shades.

What you can do is that you can start with small bedside lamps and then move on to the more advanced ones if required.

Not Adding Windows:

Never ignore the importance of adding a window in every room. We often tend to ignore this important fact and believe in adding windows to only the conventional room décor like in the living rooms or bedrooms.

Make sure that you add a big window in every room and see how it helps to save your costs because then you won’t be needing to add too many lighting stuff in your home.


Over the recent years; the importance of adding a chandelier to the home décor has gained immense popularity. It is a one-time expense and it will help you to save a lot of energy costs because then you don’t have to add so many bulbs and lamps in your rooms.

For living rooms; main hallways and even the bedrooms; add a beautiful chandelier in the middle and see the magic yourself.

Reading Lamps:

For study rooms and bedrooms; don’t forget to add one or two bedside reading lamps. You can even go for a hanging round shaped reading lamp that can be placed right next to your reading couch. You can also have day time throw away blankets while reading to make yourself feel more comfortable.

It will serve the dual purpose of giving light while you read and also as a necessary lighting accessory for your room without any hassle.

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