5 Tips for Better Lighting in Your Kitchen

5 Tips for Better Lighting in Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen a bit too dark?  Are you seeking for ways to better light this whole area?

Not that long ago, I was looking for ways to make my own kitchen brighter.  After many ideas that failed, I finally discovered a few tips that transformed my area into a bright and lovely cooking space.

Keep reading to learn about five ways you could have better lighting in your kitchen:

Install Open Shelf Lighting

Does your kitchen have open shelves?  Kitchens can sometimes become incredibly dark and full of shadows with open shelves — especially if those shelves don’t have any lighting.  But don’t worry, there’s a simple way to fix this!  Invest in some LED light strips or puck lights that you put underneath each shelf.  This will highlight the items on the shelf below it, while also lighting up your whole kitchen and eliminating some of those unnecessary shadows.

This also works quite well if you have cabinets in your kitchen.  Put some lights underneath these cupboards to light the counter underneath it!

Use Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can help bring some much-needed depth to your kitchen.  There are a variety of different ways you can accomplish accent lighting successfully.  For example, put some lighting fixtures inside glass-front cabinets to help illuminate your China, glassware, or high-quality collectibles.

You can use accent lighting in any type of showcase style, including using a low voltage light to illuminate some art you may have hanging in your kitchen.  However, I recommend using this method sparingly.  You don’t want every painting or glass cabinet you have to be lit up.  It may become a bit cluttered.

Coordinate Your Lights

Make sure your kitchen lights are coordinated and the same style.  If you have different styles all around, the whole room may begin to feel a bit cluttered.  I recommend using the Allen and Roth lights that hang from the ceiling, which will lighten up your whole kitchen marvelously.  You can use these lights as a centerpiece, taking the place of a chandelier.  Again, just make sure you only use one style of hanging lights to avoid making your kitchen look cluttered.

My favorite Allen+Roth kitchen lights have to be their kitchen island hanging light styles.  They’re simple, they’re stylish, and they’re quality lights that will light up your kitchen efficiently.  These coordinated styles will look lovely over your kitchen island!

Don’t Hang Up Too Many Lights

One of the most common issues, or mistakes, seen in regard to kitchen lighting is this:  people always hang up way too many lights.  Your kitchen will be best left with, at the very most, two to three kitchen hanging lights — and that’s only if you have quite a large kitchen.  If you have a small kitchen, stick with one hanging light.  You don’t want your kitchen to be cluttered.  One hanging light will efficiently light up your kitchen more than you think!  A lot of people follow the rule of threes:  never more than three hanging lights in one room.

Install Lights Thinking of Task Lighting

One of the main reasons your searching for a way to brighten up your kitchen is more than likely so you can see when you’re cooking.  To make your life just all around easier, install some lights where you normally do your tasks.  So, if you have a kitchen island where all of your prep and cooking gets done, hang up three light fixtures above from the ceiling.  Make sure your workspace is lighted well.  And make sure you don’t forget about the pantry!  Install a light there, if your kitchen has one, to make searching for snacks and ingredients as simple as possible.

Did you enjoy this post?  Hopefully, you’ve gained some inspiration and are ready to get to work in that kitchen of yours!  Keep these simple tips in mind as you find a new way to light up your kitchen.  Make sure you let me know what you thought of this article in the comments below.  Also, if you enjoyed this article, make sure you share it with your friends!


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