5 tips for brightening up a dark room

Natural light can significantly transform the entire look of your living space and breathe some life to it. It unquestionably affects our mood, making us more positive and cheerful and creating a vibrant and pleasant homey atmosphere. Unfortunately, not every home is blessed with enough natural light for various reasons such as: a small number of windows or plenty of trees and different structures that are shading the windows. However, there are small and affordable decorative techniques you can use to add instant brightness and make your home more welcoming and appealing. Take a look at 5 top tips on how to turn even the gloomiest room into a small paradise.

Lighten it up

If you want to create both softer and brighter look, go for more artificial light by placing a table or a floor lamp into the room. Turning to JD HYPERLINK “http://www.jdlighting.com.au/”Lighting professionals is a good choice if you want to make sure it’s well-balanced with the rest of the décor and that is it occupies a strategic place from where it can lighten up the corners of the room and create ambient atmosphere. You can bring in an air of creativity by playing with statement lighting, such as pendants and chandeliers or by installing under cabinet lighting which accentuates the space and adds some elegance to it.

5 tips for brightening up a dark room

Bring in more natural light

Before making any changes to your dark room, it’s a good idea to inspect the space and discover how much natural light comes in it and find the way how to increase and maximize its effect. One of the things you should most definitely avoid are the blinds in dark shades as they make the room look even more dim. If you want to avoid creating this dull and dingy ambience, opt for light-colored window coverings such as earthy colored canvas curtains that will let just enough light into the room. If there is a tree or some greenery that blocks the sun and prevents it from filtering into the room, try removing a few branches or making any necessary changes in order to increase the brightness and bring some fresh charm to it.

The effect of mirrors

Any amount of natural light can be emphasized by adding mirrors to your interior. Mirrors reflect any light and bring some shine to the space. They vary in sizes, shapes and design, so choosing the perfect one can sometimes be a long journey. Oversized mirrors can instantly liven up the space and a set of a few small mirrors creates more artistic look. Vintage and mercury mirrors are particularly effective as they will shed light throughout the room without being as noticeable as large statement floor mirrors. Also, you can experiment with various colorful frames which bring dramatic aesthetics to your room or you can opt for neutral colors that will make the room feel more spacious.

5 tips for brightening up a dark room

Choose neutral wall colors

Choosing the right color to paint your room can be challenging and exciting as it can have a profound effect on the whole atmosphere of the room. Before choosing the right one, consider the size and the number of the windows in the room. Lighter hues of grey or white colors can add extra illumination and bring freshness into the room and beige and rust natural colors will add warmth to dark places. Whether you decide to paint the room in neutral or bold colors, it’s always advisable to paint the ceiling in lighter color than the walls or in white color as it will create an impression of a taller and larger space.

Decorate it
Besides making structural changes to the living space, there’s also a variety of inspiring decorative ideas that can add some sparkle to your dark interior. Various artwork in light colors, live greenery such as home plants, small sparkling objects and shiny walls not only brighten up the space and make the best of the natural light but they also make the room seem more charming and stylish.