5 Tips for Lighting Your Game Room

5 Tips for Lighting Your Game Room

A game room is a place where you relax, get away, and have some fun. Whether you have a billiards table, some arcade games, poker tables, big TVs, or really anything else; you need lighting to be able to use all of that.

The most common light found in a game or billiards room is often softer and not nearly as bright as say, your kitchen is. Thus, getting your lighting to proper levels can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

But thankfully, this post of 5 tips for the lights in your game room should help solve that and some other common issue you may face when it comes to illuminating up that game room of yours.

Anyways, let’s start off with the first tip on the list…

1. Keep it matching. If you have a certain theme or style going on in your room, you don’t want to offset it with your lighting fixtures.

Instead, you need to identify what type of theme your room is. If it is modernistic, that make sure you go with a modern styled fixture. If it is more old fashioned and antique looking, a tiffany styled fixture might fit perfectly and give the room a great look. Just make sure it stays matching

2. Different lights for different applications. No light is made to be an “everything” light, every type of fixture has a different purpose and application.

Table and floor lamps are obviously, for your side table or floor. But for lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling, you must also beware of those because they are not all created equally.

Often times we hang a game room light over a table, and the desired length of the light will vary depending on how long that table is.

For example, pool tables range from (typically) 7 to 9 feet long. While a light of 35” in length or more is the perfect fit for a larger table (8 feet or more), a light smaller than 40” will be better served over a smaller pool table.

There is no specific guideline for this, but it is all about preference like with anything in room design. It’s just that proportions are important, especially if you want your room to look equally balanced in all aspects of its design.

  1. Don’t underlight.

    Not having enough light can be a real issue, especially when you want to show off something you worked hard on in your game room, but no one can see it because it’s too dark.

Ensuring your room is properly illuminated can seem like a tough task, but with today’s technology it’s so much easier (and cheaper).

The recommended lux (a measurement of light) levels for a typical game room is anywhere from 150-300, depending on the theme. You can measure lux levels with an app, like this one.

But, this again isn’t set in stone and can be made more or less depending on your liking.

Also another note; if you do have a billiards or poker table, the recommended lux that the surface should be is anywhere from 400-520 lux. This is just so everything at play is easy to see, but not too bright where you are blinded.

  1. Try not to be cheap. I know being cheap makes it easier for you to buy, but don’t cheap out if it jeopardizes the quality of the fixture you are getting.

Make sure you buy from reputable brands (Z-lite, Meyda, RAM, to name a few), and you will be fine. These brands typically offer warranties, so no need to worry if your fixture is broken upon arrival.

The biggest point here is this; don’t be cheap if you value your room. Obviously get what you can afford, but don’t try to save $20 just to be disappointed in a year or two when it dies out.

  1. Know what you want. Knowing what you want when it comes to illumination in your game room can mean a ton of different things. Here are the main considerations you should think about when deciding upon lighting for your room:
  • Do you want to be able to dim your lights?
  • How high do you want it to hang (or low)?
  • Do you want simplistic, or full out magnificent piece?
  • Is it practical? (Does the light even make sense in a given application?)

All of these things, and more, are what you need to start thinking about. From there, you will be much more knowing to what you want, and what you should be looking for.

Picking out a light shouldn’t, and really isn’t, hard once you define the basics. Covering all 5 of these tips will ensure you know what you want, and you will then search for that “dream” light you’ve always wanted.

What is one thing you want in your game room lighting fixtures? Share it down below!