5 Unique Bedroom Lighting Tips

Bedrooms are meant to be rooms for relaxing, dreaming, and of course for making love. The lighting fixtures play a pivotal role in enhancing all these activities, and therefore, are an essential aspect of the room. But before considering the different types of lighting, it is vital to understand the varied facets of lighting as well.

The lighting experts hereby has given 5 unique bedroom lighting tips to help you in updating your bedroom lighting. Read further to know these tips.

Tip #1 Opt for lighter shades

Experts reckon that you keep the shades on lamps and lights that are too opaque at bay as shades will make the bedroom look dark. For instance, while buying a bedside lamp, go for the one with a softly diffused shade. Moreover, make sure that you see how you turn it on and off and know whether it’s going to be difficult to manage while sitting on the bed.

Your choice of lamp should have versatile options and be height-adjustable. The lamp should have comfortable brightness so that the vision doesn’t become strained. All in all, choose a light-coloured shade so it doesn’t hurt the eyes. And this is applicable to all lightings in the bedroom including the ceiling lights and wardrobe lighting. Always opt for moderate lighting.

Tip #2 Wardrobe lighting

Your closet needs excellent lighting otherwise you will end up navigating the dark spaces of your wardrobe. One tip to ensure that you get to see your clothes properly is by installing energy efficient Unique lighting. Also, make sure that you avoid installing hot bulbs near your clothes and accessories. Instead, choose fluorescent lights as they provide enough light, in addition to being less hot and more energy efficient. And, importantly, opt for a good colour tube as that will help you to differentiate the colour of your clothing easily.

Tip #3 Bedside reading lights

Book lovers love the flexibility and portable reading lights set on Nightstands offer just that. When you go out to buy reading lamps, make sure you have the feature that lets you adjust the light as per your taste. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be able to see the light bulb while reading under the light so that your sleeping partner is not disturbed. The brightness levels of the lamp should be properly balanced so that it doesn’t strain your vision.

Tip #4 Consider the size and height of the room

Many lighting experts suggest that even before buying the bedroom lightings, we must first determine the size and height of the room. When we go to the lighting showroom, we must take room measurements along with furniture placements in order to help the lighting experts make the right choices for our bedroom lighting. By gauging the right size of the room, the experts can help in filling the room with perfect lights.

In addition to the size of the bedroom, even the scale of the bedroom should be considered. Since you will need lights high enough to reach even the corners of the room, keep the height of the room in mind.

Tip #5 Natural lights

It is a good idea to allow as much natural light as possible to enter our bedrooms during the day time. If you are living in the northern hemisphere, then east-west, and south facing rooms will get adequate natural lights. Even the north facing rooms will draw in natural lights, but will need a little assistance from an artificial light source as well.

Try to place a mirror opposite any window as the mirror will help in spreading more light around. Also, do keep the curtains neatly folded to let the natural light come inside the room, or you can use a simple net curtain that will diffuse the light and give a softer effect to the room, while maintaining the privacy in the room.

Lightening your bedroom!

Sometimes, for a few of us, illuminating the bedrooms can be a daunting affair. Bedroom lighting is an art business, which requires knowledge and a bit of a right guidance. Hopefully, this article will help you in choosing the right kind of lightings for your and your kids’ bedrooms.

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