Five ways to decorate your home with lightning


5 ways to decorate your home with lightning

Are you looking for ways to infuse some creativity to your home décor? If yes then add some unique and quality lighting fixtures to your home décor. The right illumination can change the look and feel of your home. Illumination cannot be ignored as all good designers are of the view that it is a crucial element for any interior design pattern.

The proper lighting fixtures such as dimmers, LED lighting and old-fashion DIY can add life to your bedroom where you enjoy alone time and quality sleep on the soft foam mattress. It also provides a splash of style and lifts the ambiance of an entire home. Bad lighting choices can screw up the great architectural designs.

If you are not going to compliment your décor with proper lighting your all efforts will be in vain. Choosing the right light plays a vital role in highlighting the décor of your home. The article is a mini guide on how to decorate your home with lightning.

 Light only what you want to get noticed the most:

Lightning can play a great role in grasping the attention of the visitors or guests on the focal point of your décor by shedding some artificial light on it in the form of beautifully designed lighting fixtures. An appropriate lighting can help you add more drama to your décor. While giving a finishing touch to the décor of your living or drawing room hang a beautifully lit piece of art on the wall. Place a light below or behind an accent wall, a striking piece of art or another object, which gives it added presence and a glamorous halo effect.  This is more than enough to earn praise and add a wow factor to your décor.

Wash of color:

The best way to uplift the décor of your home without making big changes is by brightening up an unusual space with the help of some colored lights. For example, you can wisely use LED to shine a blue hue above the kitchen cabinets and on the backsplash.

Get creative, use a statement lighting fixture:

High ceilings can pose a tough challenge to the décor especially when it comes to lightning. Use your creativity as of how to illuminate your ceiling in a way that is catchy to every person entering the place. The best way to make your ceiling notice is by finding some large central fixtures that are both unique and stylish and can illuminate your space perfectly.

Mix old and new lighting fixtures to create something unique:

The modern interior trends are all about keeping the balance and mixing old and new. Chandeliers and sconces give a classic and traditional touch whereas table lamps are a modern invention. Mixing old and new lighting fixtures will give a character and customized look to your décor. Feel free to be different and use different lighting to add as much charm to your home as you can.

Ceiling lighting:

To give your space a unique yet sophisticated touch think out of the box and figure out options that can go with the décor of your home. The Lightning frame around the ceiling of your living or drawing room can highlight the architectural details and adds an element of elegance to your formal area.


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