6 Exciting Interior Decor Lighting Trends

When planning your next home revamp it can help to cast an eye into the future and take a look at which styles are on trend and which are on the verge of obscurity.

Lighting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep up with the latest fashion. After all, you are hardly going to throw out your most expensive furniture for the sake of fashion are you? Changing the odd lampshade or table lamp is another matter entirely.

6 Exciting Interior Decor Lighting Trends

With that in mind, here are six exciting lighting trends which are due to influence the interior décor scene over the coming months and years.

Trend 1: Contemporary Vintage

 Vintage and retro styles always slip in and out of fashion and lighting styled on the trends of the 60s and 70s are expected to be popular again. However, many designers are opting to balance ornate vintage detailing with clean lines and modern colors to create a style which can be described as contemporary vintage.

 Trend 2: Fabrics and Textures

 Plush fabrics are no longer confined to luxury modern sofas! Now, the lighting industry has got in on the act with designers coming out with all sorts of exotic fabric-based designs.

For example, soft fabrics are being interwoven with hard metallic threads to create unique finishes full of contrast. There are stranger combinations entering the market too – think glass, metal and feathers and you are on the right lines.

Laser printing technology has led to a revolution in embossing and similar 3-D effects, giving designers an abundance of options for coming up with truly outstanding products.

Trend 3: Metallics

 From the no-nonsense, industrial power of steel to the warm tones of brass and bronze, metal lighting pieces are on an upward trend. Metal can work really well if you are looking to create an urban aesthetic in your home.

Gold, silver and other precious metals are also becoming popular while nickel is increasingly being touted as the metal of choice by those with their finger on the design pulse.

 Trend 4: Color Confusion

 In terms of color trends, the future is looking decidedly cloudy with many differences of opinion between design experts. Some see a return to nature with subtle colors from the brown, green, blue and gray palette complementing muted schemes.

Others predict plenty of contrast with bright and bold jewel colors offsetting soft pastels. Look elsewhere and commentators are talking about the emergence of a taste for darker, more introspective shades.

Perhaps all three trends will show up in different homes in the near future – which one would suit your personality.

 Trend 5: Bespoke Design and Installation

 There are signs that consumers are turning their backs on mass market design and exploring the benefits of bespoke design. Bespoke designs are guaranteed to be unique and can reflect the homeowner’s personality through the choice of material, color and structure.

What’s more, the march of technology means that lighting fixtures, fittings and controls can be more flexibly deployed around the home without extensive rewiring.

Trend 6: Smart Tech

Staying on the topic of technology, the boom in smart computing has opened up a whole host of options when it comes to lighting control. Lights can now be remotely controlled by mobile phone apps or even set to switch on and off as you approach or leave the home, using Geo location.

Also look out for new ‘warm-to-dim’ LED lights. These dimmable versions of LED lights will shift to a different color spectrum as they dim, moving from bright and cool blue to a warmer orange, helping to promote a sounder sleep.

So, if your living space is looking a little tired and you’re anxious to bring things up to date, keep the above trends in mind as you shop for your next lighting decor piece.

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