6 Lighting Tips for Your Home

6 Lighting Tips for Your Home

The quality of your home’s interior primarily depends on how well you play its elements including the accessories used in decorating the place.

Among the most important ones are your lightings. Aside from providing ample amount of illumination in your private rooms, they also serve to highlight the best assets of your interior. The quality of lighting a place has can make or break a home’s looks.

To make sure you have it figured out, we have listed six tips to help you choose and position your home lightning at the most appropriate areas of your house.

Starting off with:

Consider where shadows may fall

You might not have thought about this so much, but placing chandeliers, lamps and other lighting fixtures on areas where shadows are likely to fall can create more problem than provide you with good illumination.

For instance, if you find some overhead shadows in your personal working station at home, putting a desk lamp is an appropriate remedy.

Place lamps in appropriate height

Have you ever experienced shying away from a location because you feel like the light bulb is blinding you? This is normally the case when the fixture is not placed on the right height. For chandeliers, the suggested height is 66 inches from the floor of a typical dining hall.

Needless to say, the right height of your lighting accessory also adds beauty to the overall aesthetic of the place.

Think about the type of drapes you use at home

You might consider draperies as beautification materials for your windows. But other than that, they are also excellent tools for filtering the amount of natural light that comes in your room. When deciding for an appropriate lighting, consider the thickness and built of those curtains.

Do they have adhesive bonding tapes? How about iron? Drapes that are thicker blocks away more light, so providing sufficient light inside may be your best option.

Invest on proper wattage

No matter how good looking a lamp is, if its wattage is too much or too low for your needs, you’ll end up not getting satisfied by its long-term performance.

A good example would be those ceiling fixtures and table lamps. Many homeowners choose to go for the 75-watt bulb as they are the typical choice by other users. Unfortunately, this wattage is too high for the main purpose of those lightings which is to provide decoration.

Choosing those 25-40-watt bulbs is considered as better options.

Consider the paint color of your home’s walls

Perhaps you have the appropriate lighting accessory in your place and got the suggested wattage. ‘But why don’t I get enough illumination?’ you ask.

Sometimes, the problem might not be from the tools you acquire but from the paint color you have on the walls. Darker ones like purple and gray tan tend to exude darker shades as well, affecting the quality of lighting in the area.

In this case, repainting and going for a lighter shade of the same color might be your best bet.

Know where the glass-paned interior doors are located

The cool thing about glass-paned doors and walls is their tendency to spread out the light that is reflected on them. This means that if you are looking for a good way to disperse natural light into a specific area of your home, then replacing some solid doors with glass ones can do the job.

This doesn’t mean that you will ultimately have to go all out on glasses. The trick is to find those areas that receive direct light from the sun and install appropriate doors, windows or walls that would distribute the natural light around.

More than that of aesthetics, giving your home the right amount of lighting can dictate the convenience you will feel on your stay. You stay home to relax and distress. Make sure the place is conducive enough to provide you the luxury.

When searching for the right lighting fixture, do not hesitate to look into your options. Know the most suggested bulbs for the size and location of your room. Canvass products from several trusted source and see who gives you the best offer in matters of price and features.

Illuminate your residence and enjoy your stay!


Author Bio:

John Lee is a real estate agent and freelance writer. He currently writes and blogs for Townhouse Manila.The most experienced real estate developer in the Philippines is dedicated to providing you with your ideal home.