By Tim Smith

The living room is where most of us share conversation and entertainment on a regular basis. Why keep this space in the dark like a regular cave? Lighting the living room is an art itself, allowing you to downplay areas under construction while highlighting fantastic artwork or fireplaces. Illuminate this busy space with fixtures and light angles that work for almost every home.

Accent with Sconces

Although this old-fashioned fixture may seem too vintage, sconces are still a smart lighting choice because of their unique angle. They’re normally installed around eye level, allowing light to shimmy up the wall into a bright shaft formation. Use them in pairs around a fireplace or even around artwork like this decorator decided to do. The fixture itself can be in almost any imagined style, from sleek shapes to ornate designs. Walls and adjacent living areas glow with perfect lighting from sconces.

Contemporary Living Room with Paint, picture window, Pura coffee table, Hardwood floors, Goodland sofa in fabric, bronze legs

Use Chandeliers for Formal Spaces

Chandeliers aren’t just for the dining room— they work well in areas with a more formal design. Install them directly above a sitting area or coffee table, for instance. This decorator used the chandelier off to the living room’s side where people entered the space. Chandeliers don’t have to hang down into the living room, but can also be more flush to the ceiling itself. These chandeliers offer necessary light while creating a more artistic look to the ceiling itself.

Traditional Living Room with Balcony, West Elm Low bone coffee table, High ceiling, Paint, Chandelier, Columns


 Help the Household Readers Out

Although you don’t want a spotlight appearance to the living room, use a layering technique to truly brighten the space. Avid readers appreciate a good floor or table lamp by a favorite chair. The light illuminates the pages while emanating up to the ceiling for the rest of the room’s benefit. Use a mixture of floor, table and wall lighting to really brighten the space. For a busy family, everyone can take on their own activity without fighting for a nearby light.

Traditional Living Room with Fireplace, Hardwood floors, Standard height, interior wallpaper, Area rug, Crown molding

Highlight Artwork

Take a look at this home and be overwhelmed by the beautiful artwork. These pieces may not have such a spectacular impact without the lighting cast upon them. Use angled fixtures like these types or install low voltage lamps through track lighting arrangements. You’ll simultaneously light up the art and room. Each fixture is easily maneuvered into almost any angle, allowing you to cultivate a unique lighting design for anytime of year.

Contemporary Hallway with can lights, travertine tile floors, Paint, Standard height, stone tile floors

Create Mood with Recessed Lighting

Although recessed lighting requires some invasive installation, it provides instant light without any loss of space. If you have low ceilings or simply want to maximize available square footage, recessed lighting removes the need for floor lamps and other fixtures. Orient them straight down or form distinct lighting angles across the living room. There’s almost countless lighting designs to be made with recessed fixtures.

Traditional Living Room with Hammary Suffolk Bay Coffee Table, double-hung window, Paint, Fireplace, can lights

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