7 Ways to Decorate Your Entire Home with Fairy Lights


7 Ways to Decorate Your Entire Home with Fairy Lights

A well-lit up home looks magical. It enchants the senses like no other. It creates a visual spectacle that bathes the home with its dazzling hues and waves. For that reason, most of us wait for the Christmas to deck up the spaces and areas in the house. Or, we also anticipate some big parties to roll out fairy lights from the boxes and hang them around the walls and corners. In fact, no party or event is complete unless there’s some light, glow, radiance and spark. It will take just a little effort to decorate the home with such lights and you should definitely give it a try.

Here are 7 ways to decorate the entire home with twinkling lights

1# Intertwine through a plant

You must have green plants or herbs to make the spaces look natural. Your love for nature could fetch even more rewards if you know how to use string lights through plants. You can go ahead and intertwine fancy lights through the plant wherever it’s placed or grown. Make sure the plant right at the front door is well decked up emitting a glow and bathing the walls with its hues.

2# Fairy light jars

Your kitchen must have a few Mason jars for stocking different ingredients. Empty them and now make the best use of them during festive season or for any event. You can fill them with string lights and keep them together either at the entryway table or mantel. Such jars are great when it comes to making the light reflect. Be rest assured as more lights are sure to grace the interiors and lend a unique feel to it.

3# Garland of Dixie cups

You can use colorful Dixie cups and create a garland with fairy lights strung together. You can use a string of lights to create a soft and super glow around the area the wreath is placed. Such cups are easy to get and you just have to take the light through the hole created through them. After all, you can use the circlet either at a doorway or around a plant branch or from up above the ceiling.

4# Make copper-lighted wreaths

Get copper coil from the market and bend them to create spheres. Now, wrap them with lights and put them to display at any place in the house. You can vary the size of the sphere and hang the wreaths against a wall. This is a cheap away to use fairy lights and make the spaces look enchanting in true sense.

5# Starry faux metal lamp

It’s time to show some creativity and use ideas. Why not create a starry faux metal lamp and use light through them? It will just take cut cardstock and you’re ready for a glittering lamp all the way. Such a glowing lamp can be hung anywhere to add magical radiance to spaces of choice.

6# Make radiant twine sphere

Time to make your own twine sphere and make the entranceway glow like never before. You will just need twine, balloons and Mod Podge, and the rest is easy. After the sphere is created, you can put a string of light inside and whoa, the ball will glow to delight your heart for sure.

7# Ceiling twinkle light  

A bit of creativity and you can live without any flashy event planning solutions for sure. Take for example, you can use doorway or ceiling twinkle light and transform the hues of spaces instantly. You can use multiple strands of lights or make then stick onto ceiling and see the magic from your eyes.