7 Ways To Get Ambient Lighting In Your Home

Lighting is one of the most overlooked yet significant aspects that can enhance overall look of your home. It has the potential to illuminate your house and create a vibrant atmosphere in your living space. It is quite apparentthat different types of lights will create a different effect in your home. The type of ambience that lighting will create also depends on the dimension of your house and on the articles in and around your home.

Often, most people wish to have ambient lighting for their homes. This is so because firstly it suits their expectations and secondly because they want to save on their energy bills.  However, you cannot always follow someone’s choices blindly without accessing its suitability to your circumstances. You need to weigh the pros against the cons of the shortlisted lighting. This is essential because what works for your friend’s home may not necessarily work for yours too.

If you wish to avoid being disappointed once you install a particular lighting in your home, it is suggested that you understand the functioning, impact on energy bills and implementation of lights beforehand. The best example is to try replacing incandescent bulbs to fluorescent (the ones with screw-in base). You will notice that there is difference between the qualities of both these lights and even a drop in your electricity bill charges

You must have noticed the difference between vintage Christmas lights and the latest LED mini lights as they are quite different from each other. These are just instances that each type of bulb emits different kind of light and leaves a different impact on the surrounding.

One of the best ways to determine what kind of lights are suitable for your home you need to first determine whether you prefer cool or warm lights?

Lighting is ideally measured based on the colour temperature and the degree is commonly known as Kelvin (K). This colour temperature or the unit helps you to determine how the light will appear- either warm or cool. Figure out whether the light is yellow or bluer as it will help you find out which light is more apt for your house.

The selection of lighting majorly depends on what type of end effect you wish to see at your home.

For example, if you are looking for:

  • warm, soft candlelight effect light (2,700K)
  • neutral effect (3500K)
  • Warm, Goldilocks zone (mostly preferred between 2,900K – 3,200K )
  • Cool, daylight effect (4000K). This light turns colder towards the end of the day.
  • Cold (5,000K)

If you focus on your personal preferences like cost efficiency, sufficient light, etc. you are likely to come up with a suitable conclusion by yourself. If you have traditional home décor with several artefacts then candlelight or incandescent lights are more appropriate. On the other side, if you have modern interiors, cool temperate lighting is best suitable. Experts have the potential to draw conclusions based on functionality and techniques. However, you cannot miss-out on basics of the lighting.

If you are keen to incorporate ambient lighting within your home, you need to look into the following ways and factors::

  • Utilise Natural Light:

You can simply take the best advantage of the natural light coming in your home. This means ambient lighting can be highly effective for your living rooms, bedrooms, etc. wherein you get sufficient amount of sun light flowing in.  You have to consider passive source of light on priority.

Some people believe in bringing in their outdoors and increasing the effectiveness of the ambient lighting and it works perfectly to make your living space more ambient.

  • Expose your rooms:

There are a lot of individuals who prefer increasing amount of sunlight in their room. They like the sight of natural light travelling in their house through window. Such lighting has a different effect on your home. Mostly, north-facing rooms receive more amount of sunlight.

At times, such type of lighting may appear better with artificial light source. Ambient light has ability to do complete justice in such situations.

You can install windows that face towards south as they allow adequate amount of light to travel inside the house. If your house has suitable dimension covering a large area, opt for more number of windows. You can also choose to have ceiling to floor windows for better outside view.

  • Reflex Action:

If your room has naturally good amount of light coming in, you can use mirrors to reflect the light across the room. You can install mirror in the sectional area on the wall. This arrangement helps you to multiply the amount of light in the room.

For instance, in a basement, you can place a mirror on the opposite wall of your small window. The mirror has an ability to bounce back double amount of light in the room.

  • Augment With Recessed Lighting:

The main focus of this light is to leave no spot unlit. Each and every section should have at least some amount of light on it. The height of the ceiling can help you to conclude the right placement of the light. This is because each type of light can generate specific amount of light and spreads across limited area.

If you are someone who has rigid budget, you can definitely opt for this style of lighting. Besides, you have to be careful while installing lights in the end you have to pay energy bills.

  • Factor in Age And Health:

Along with age, all your sensory organs tend to weaken, meaning as you grow older you are likely to require more amount of natural lighting across your home in-order to stay healthy. You may also need additional lamps while reading. It is important to consider this fact while installing lights in your home.

Some people face migraine and watery eye issues due to extra bright lights. This fact also has to be taken into account while you are installing lights in your home. On the other hand, you cannot install dim lights as you may find it difficult to search things in the evening.

  • Increase Energy and heat Level:

There are some rooms in your house which require good amount of light. This is required as you need to carry out certain activities at these spots. For instance, you need sufficient light as well as good amount of warmth in your utility room. For this purpose, you can install cast iron column radiators by consulting a reliable company that provides heating solutions for homes.  Such an environment allows you to comfortably carry out your chores.


7 Ways To Get Ambient Lighting In Your Home

  • Blend Of Colours, Materials And Placement:

It is important to combine all three elements of colour, raw material and placement to obtain perfect result. Think beyond your comfort zone and develop a combination that work wonders for you. Choosing extravagant stylish designs may not necessarily work for all instead they can be just a reason for your heavy bills therefore research before you install.

Lastly, it is important to select an effect that gives you comfortable and serene home environment. It is best to make your space in such a way that more and more natural light comes in your home as it would not only make your space ambient but also save a huge chunk of money on electric bills. Hopefully, these tips will help you in having the ambient lighting in your home without burning a hole in your pocket.