8 DIY Wedding Lighting Ideas

Weddings are always special. They call for full-blown preparations and arrangements. You can search for a unique flavor and vibrancy to make them even more memorable. Lighting is very effective in creating a rousing environment and setting the mood for the big day! It can also help you dazzle the wedding scene. With good use of lights, hosts can set the tone for a grand party, provided they are a bit creative!

You can use some unique and uncommon lighting techniques to create a memorable ambiance for the wedding. You can also look to rely on the power of personal touches for lighting even if you have decided to trust experts for chair hire. This is how weddings get a custom look when you use lights according to own tastes and preferences. So, brighten up the venue and give a super feel to the event now.

Here are some DIY wedding lighting ideas to try 

8 DIY Wedding Lighting Ideas

  1. Up-lighting

Up-lighting is a technique very popular for the kind of effect it brings to the venue. In this, you just have to place a light on the floor and point it up. Some people also like to tilt the lights a bit more towards the ball to create a desired impact. This lighting has to be among the easiest way to dazzle the scene.

  1. Monogram Gobos

This technique for those ready to use projectors in a fun way and create great visual impact on the event. In this, couples can use projectors (image or video) to display their names or dates on the wall. Sideshow video can also be projects or you can also put on display any custom pattern of choice to create a stunning ambiance.

  1. Pin Spots

If you want to create a subtle and elegant effect through lighting, pin shots is then the way to go. They are battery-powered lights, small in scale, to have a focused light on a specific object or wall. They are mostly good for lighting up wedding cake and table centerpieces.

  1. Bliss Lights

It takes nothing more than bliss lights to set a romantic mood for your wedding venue! They are perfect to create a starry night effect and illuminate the area in a measured way. The lights are great when venues need to create an enormous universe of stars.

  1. Moving Lights

Moving lights can set the party mood quickly. With vibrant and colored beams wafting through the room and soft music playing in the background, you guests can’t want anything more to start grooving. You can rent a couple of moving lights and add a great value to the event.

  1. Dixie cup lights

If it’s causal wedding, you can easily trust Dixie cup lights to come to the party and set the tone and mood alike. These lights are adorable and don’t cost much. You can place them to different part of the venue and let visual hues add value to the occasion.

  1. Light Columns

Just image light columns placed throughout the venue and creating a stunning view. They are easy and simple to make and can illuminate the venue in a perfect manner. You can place them by the pool or by the foundation to double the impact. Placing light columns close to a water source is a sure-shot way of adding a touch of style to your wedding.

  1. Tissue Paper Jar Lanterns

Use this extremely easy yet adorable and sweet technique to lighten up your wedding venue. No need to hire expert like you do for bar hire, as here you will only need tissue papers, lanterns and that’s all.