8 Lighting Tips for Small Apartments

8 Lighting Tips for Small Apartments

You have bought your dream apartment or condo right on the beach in downtown Delray. You spend all weekend playing in the surf and sand, making sure to remember to reapply that sunscreen. The sun makes everything so bright. Then, you go home, and all of a sudden, it is very dark. You feel like you’ve stepped into a cave. You don’t want to live in a small, dark space. But, you have limited room to brighten up your small apartment. Don’t worry, because we have just the tips for you.

Maximize Natural Light

Take advantage of the windows in your apartment. Keep the blinds open and let the sun stream in. (It’ll also help save you electricity by not turning on any lights.) Don’t use heavy curtains. If you do use curtains, try to find light, semi-transparent curtain. Don’t crowd your windows, either. If the window area seems dull, that will be reflected in the light that is able (or unable) to stream in.

Use Reflective Surfaces

Make your decorations work for you. Use mirrors, glossy floors, and metallic finishes to reflect light. This makes the room more bright, and it also opens it up. So, you can have the illusion of not only a brighter apartment, but a bigger one, too.

Light Up Dark Corners

Utilize every inch of your apartment to bring light into your life. Add lights to closets, cupboards, shelves, etc. Your apartment won’t seem a cave anymore. Closets will seem bigger (and who doesn’t want a big closet), your kitchen will look taller and more expensive, and it will help with cooking over the stove.

Add Some Candles

Candles are great for many reasons. Not only can they be used for decoration, but they can also be used for light. Set the atmosphere with a candle, and choose the scent wisely to pair the ambiance of the light with the aromatherapy that the candle gives off.

Ditch the Lamp Shades

Lampshades dull the light that comes from bulbs. Either use translucent white lampshades or ditch them all together. There are plenty of decorative bulbs or clear covers to use instead.

Make Use of Ceilings and Walls

Use the floor space for furniture. Don’t use floor lamps (although if you need or want to, try to use tall, skinny floor lamps to downplay the amount of space you use). Hang fixtures from the ceiling (and pair the lights with a fan!) to light up the entire room. Or, hang fixtures from the wall, especially in the bedroom, to add a unique decoration.

Choose Your Lightbulbs Wisely

Make sure you purchase light bulbs that have a white or blue tone to it—these are brighter than yellow or red based lights. Purchase LEDs or CFLs for energy efficiency.

Have Light Walls

Painting your walls white, cream, or a light gray will add more reflective light to your apartment than if your walls are any other color. Think smart about the paint you use on the floorboards. Have lighter toned furniture to accentuate the light in the apartment.