8 Mood Lighting Ideas for your Home

Did you know that light can affect your mood? It influences the ambiance of your home, whether for your comfort or your guests. Whether you opt to have the LED lights, lamps, overhead lights, chandeliers, accent lights, or other lighting fixtures, it sets the right scene for your home. And when installed properly, it brings a wide range of emotional responses to your current situation.

Whether you reside in a condo Cebu or any real estate property, a good lighting is undeniably important. It does not only help you see what is around you, but it also helps the eye appreciate the things that you see. To give you an idea, below are some tips on how you can use good lighting to set the right mood for your home.

Welcoming guests

Treating your guests to the best you can offer is the first thing you would probably have in mind – that includes having a good lighting. However, choosing the right lighting for your home can be a little bit tricky. For example, when you have guests during the day, your entrance should not be too dark that it takes them a few moments to adjust. Likewise, when you have guests at night, your entrance should not be so bright that your guests are startled by the contrast when coming in from the dark. When welcoming your guests, there should be a right transition from the outside to your home.

Entertaining friends

There’s a big difference between a typical fluorescent light from having the right light that fits perfectly for your home. Brighter lights help set a cheerful mood and encourage activity and alertness. However, seating in a direct light would be too bright for them. Perhaps, you can use light to accent a piece of artwork or any design on your home. Moreover, having the right light can add texture to your home decor, which makes the room lively.

Pre-bedtime ritual

8 Mood Lighting Ideas for your Home

Before going to bed, some of us opt to do something that helps them transition from the alertness of the day to the calm and restfulness sleep. That means good lighting plays a big role to achieve such. Having the right light helps you on your way toward a good night rest. For some people, they opt to have lower light levels since it can also help them transition from the brightness of the day.

Midnight snack

It is undeniable that we sometimes tend to have some midnight snacks, especially when you are craving for something. However, it would be too harsh to use the bright lights of your kitchen when you came from your dark bedroom. It would surely make it difficult for you to transition back to sleep. Ideally, a good lighting for a midnight snack would give you just enough light to find your way through your home without tripping off over the furniture. With this, your eyes would not be pierced with blinding light.

Romantic dinner

One thing is for sure; you do not want to mess up a romantic dinner with your loved one. That means, choosing the right light is crucial for you to consider. To achieve a relaxed and intimate feel, you can lower the overall lighting levels, and subduing colors. Moreover, having a warm and soft light is more flattering to a person’s features. And don’t forget to have lighting accents on the walls or dining table centerpiece to enhance the mood.

8 Mood Lighting Ideas for your Home

Studying or Reading

Never study or read when you know you have a bad lighting. This will only cause you fatigue, headache and eye strain. To prevent such, consider having desk lamp lighting. Flexibility, Dimmability, and Eliminating glare are the three qualities for a good lighting when studying and reading. Moreover, when using your computer, do not forget to consider brightness levels (lumens0 of the lamp versus what is being cast by the monitor. Ideally, the 40W or 60W bulb is equivalent or around 500 lumens, since it is likely not be as bright as the monitor.

Watching movie

Just like when you stare at your computer, poor lighting would lead to eye strain, fatigue, and headache. To prevent such, researchers suggest to light the area around the television to reduce the effect while watching movie – this kind of lighting is called the bias lighting. It works by giving your eyes a more neutral reference point for colors and contrast in a dark room.

Creating lighting scenes with Control

You can create multiple customized lighting scenes for each of your rooms – of course, that, if your home is automated with Control4. With this, you can go from party light to a romantic dinner as easy as pressing a button. To learn more, an interior designer, Denver would help you know and understand about how to create good lighting scenes with Control4.

On the other hand, poor lighting does not just ruin your mood, it also increases anxiety and may lead to trip and fall accidents if you cannot make sense of what is ahead of you.

I’m a firm believer that lighting affects mood, and twinkly lights on strings bring something magical to occasions ranging from concerts to weddings, though I’m fond of using them as year-round home decor. There’s a reason why they’re sometimes called fairy lights. When the night is right, there aren’t any strings at all.” – Erin Morgenstern

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