Are Desk Lamps Beneficial or Damaging to Your Eyesight?

Are Desk Lamps Beneficial or Damaging to Your Eyesight?

Desk lamps are staples in many offices or study rooms. Apart from the practical benefits that they provide in aiding students in doing their homework, for avid readers in keeping their noses at a page of a book, and for writers in beating a deadline, desk lamps are also house fixtures that give aesthetic quality to our homes.

But are desk lamps beneficial or do they cause damage to our most precious eyesight?

Truth as Told by Science

According to British Medical Journal, reading or working under a dim light of a desk lamp does not damage your eyesight. However, it causes some temporary eye strains. It is because the dim light emitted by a desk lamp makes a reader exert too much effort in reading some materials. It causes tiredness to the eyes of the readers but does not directly point to scientific evidence in the leading cause of long-term damage to the eyesight.

On the other hand, reading or working under too much light is to blame as one of the leading causes of eyesight defects. Reading, for example, under a fluorescent lighting for too long can have long-term damaging effects to our eyes. It increases the risk of getting cataract among other eye diseases.

It is because fluorescent lamps (which we may still be using in our homes today) generate light by utilizing electricity to activate mercury vapor within the bulb, which in turn creates ultraviolet light (UV light) that is as strong, or stronger as sunlight.

But worry not folks. There are modern desk lamps in the market nowadays that both satisfy our aesthetic sensibilities for our homes and help us in getting our desk works done without risking the health of our eyes. It is only a matter of choosing the right lamps for us.

The Right Lamps for You

So, what are the types of lamps that can benefit us in more ways than one?  For sure, you have heard about Light Emitting Diode lights or LED lights right? If not, here’s what you need to know about LEDs.

LED or Light Emitting Diode is a semiconductor device that releases light when there’s an electric current that passes through it. Unlike incandescent lights that use heated filaments and fluorescent lights that utilize gas discharge, LEDs use energy bands that contain electrons and holes. These materials are more environment-friendly than the materials inside incandescent and fluorescent lightings.

In other words, LEDs are the best choice available on the market today. In fact, LEDs are widely used now in many different types of lighting such as in our desk lamps because they are environment-friendly.

In 2014, according to Department of Energy report, there are already 78 million installations across the U.S. today, and it is growing.

LED desk lamps offer a wide variety of benefits. These benefits include low energy consumption, higher efficiency, longer lifetime, convenient and faster switching, and of course, it is good for our eyes when reading because unlike fluorescent lamps it does not emit ultraviolet light which may cause damage to our eyes in the long term.

There’s also some designer LED desk lamps that are best suited to our style and budget. We can choose to purchase desk lamps that are thoughtfully engineered to have an ample spread of direct light or that have a dimmer control to produce a sufficient lighting that cannot harm our eyes.

These led desk lamps, for example, bring you all the features that you are looking for a desk lamp. Aside from that, they fit our tight budget, they are also energy efficient, have a longer life span that lasts up to 11 years, and have features that are not detrimental to our eye sight.


As what I have said, it is only a matter of good decision when it comes to choosing desk lamps. Gone are the days of incandescent and fluorescent lights. Aside from they cause damage to our environment, they also cause damage to our physical well-being, in particular, our eyesight.

What many people are using now as an alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lights is LED, because of the advantages mentioned above. Many quality LED desk lamps are available online in sites such as LampTwist for your needs. In our world full of choices, we cannot afford to choose the least for us. We should choose the best.