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It’s interesting how little attention is paid to decorating a bathroom when in fact its decor counts just as much as any other part of the home. An outdated bathroom décor may be such a downer for anyone who is a sucker for a well equip interior! Personally, I am addicted to Tumbler and Pinterest, so I keep browsing my way through wonderful interior and bathroom designs. What can I say, I love it!
And, I went a step further –  I have actually did a little research and copying and managed to turn my bathroom into one of those on Tumbler I fell in love with. Well, not to be unfair, my husband and I did it together.
What we’ve learned on this journey is that lightning in a bathroom plays a really big role! It is an immensely important part of achieving a modern bathroom design.
Here are a few hallmarks and some bathroom lighting ideas you can use in your home and bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Lighting

1. The simpler, the better

You know how modern interior design is all about simplicity? Well, same goes for bathrooms. Most of modern bathroom lighting fixtures keep it even more simple than you would have imagined.
Usually, there is just the bulbs, often with a frosted glass covering for more flattering light. There is also the no-nonsense way to connect the bulbs to the wall.

However, not all the time is everything so simple and seemingly dull. There are some wonderfully interesting shapes to pay attention to, like light sabers or other designs. These look like they’ve emerged from a science fiction movie set in a clean chrome future.
The most common finish for modern bathroom lights is chrome precisely. Not that we are surprised, though –  chrome is sleek and easy to pair with pretty much any configuration of bulbs or design. Other finishes often used in modern lights include pewter, nickel and brass.

2. Sconces, sconces, sconces!

While most of us are used to having a single strip of lights above the bathroom mirror, truth is scones are a much better solution! By having a sconce placed on each side of the mirror, many modern bathrooms reimagine illumination. Truth is, it does require a little extra wiring work, but it’s so definitely worth it! It provides even more lighting in an important place. For us ladies and all our makeup, this is crucial!
Simple and clean sconces with frosted glass (so the bulb isn’t bare and harsh) are a great way to get modern! Plus, they’ll do wonders for the bathroom light scheme, visually.

3. Pendants 

This one is a pretty intriguing option for lighting a modern bathroom! Why? Well,  because it gives you some quite interesting options to work with. You can hang pendants to frame a mirror and this sometimes means using a pendant as the overhead ambient light. There is a huge variety of pendants that can fulfill any need. Use your wonderful imagination!

4. Mosaics rule

You don’t have to go all bland in order to force that futuristic, modern look. Mosaics are okay, too! In fact, they are much desired as they give the bathroom such a luxurious element. Some color and intrigue with a mosaic design will definitely give your bathroom an unexpected look.
If the budget isn’t huge a problem, you can consider redoing an entire wall to make it look mosaic-y. Your room will look even more unique and fresh! Of course, we’d advise hiring a professional to do it as you may not get things right unless you’ve done it all before. Further, always consult your plumber when doing bathroom remodeling because those pipes can be really tricky!

5. Light dimmers

Any room, including your bathroom, will look absolutely stunning with light dimmers. These won’t add to your increased budget but will definitely turn your bathroom into a real spa-like room! Add some candles for decoration, open shelves for interesting details and a few art pieces such as sea shells and plants. Then, dim your bathroom lights for a relaxing bath experience and you’re all set!
Well, we hope we have helped with these advice. My husband and I are thrilled with how we’ve done our bathroom, so if you are up for doing yours, find some inspiration in these advice above. Good luck!