Brighten your place and life with Decorative light bulbs

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Decorative light bulbs play a very important role in artificial illumination of your home, office, an event, function, parties and places where fun and frolic mingles. They add a spark and beautify the entire area if rightly blended with décor. They complete the look of a place, add life to it and eliminate boredom of function or event. Needless to say, they are very crucial when dressing up a place for an occasion as they signify celebration and joy. As they come in variety of shapes, sizes, bases, voltages, finish and colors, one can do endless number of experimentation with decorative light bulbs depending on the type of electric fixture in use.

The ease and countless variety in which decorative light bulbs are available make them a highly demanded ornamental item amongst all. They can be used in a number of places like kitchens, path lights, post lights, study room, living room, bathroom, as party lights and so on. The shapes vary from a simple globe to tubular and spiral. They are available in numerous lighting technologies and depending on energy usage one can chose from LED, CFL, Halogen, and incandescent variety, like for example-LED electric bulb will be much more powerful in energy and light emission that it even surpasses CFL and is widely used in colorful light shows where a beam light is required than general emission in all directions. This technology in the decorative light bulbs is emerging very fast as it is energy efficient and its prices are being reduced.

Depending on your specific use, one can chose an Antique, Victorian or radio tube style light bulb to bring a historic and sophisticated look with its warm light. Then there is a huge variety to adorn your chandelier from a straight tip, silicone tip to a bent tip decorative bulb or a wrinkled or satin threaded glass in plenty of colors to suit your residential or a commercial area.

Another unique type is a Shatter Proof bulb that can be used in places like party halls, restaurants, bars and even home. They have a coating of unique material that makes them shatter resistant and very safe to use. We also have Black Light variety of bulb which is not very helpful in brightening place but is used to glow up the white or a florescent light.

These bulbs can be easily shopped online for major brands and the prices vary from one bulb to the other as they are based on many factors. Few of the sites are so customized that they have a bulb selector software to help you with a specific type you want by inputting base, shape, voltage , color, type, finish and provide the most matching bulb available with them. So go ahead and let your creative juices do wonder for you, mix and match colored decorative light bulbs to enhance the liveliness of your gathering or use them as Christmas lights to brighten up your life and home.