Curtains: Are You Choosing The Right One?
Every decorator in the world will tell you, that curtains can make or break the look of the room. Hence, it is important to get them right.
Choosing the right curtain for a particular room involves several factors that need to be taken into consideration. Use the tips given below, to choose the perfect curtain.

The length depends on the things that are placed near the curtain as well. If there is furniture under the window, then you may want to put up shorter curtains. This is basically to ensure that they do not get in your way. If there is sufficient open space then go for the longer ones, but be precise. Too long or too short, and a perfectly great room ends up looking shabby.

The style of the drapes really depends on the rest of the room. Apart from this, it also depends on the purpose of the curtains. If you want something airy and which will let the light in, then refrain from buying heavy drapes. If it is privacy that you will be looking for, then shy away from sheers. You may also use solar curtains. Not only will they enhance the look of the room, but will also lower your electricity bill.

Refrain from those materials which require high maintenance. For example, silk curtains look great just about everywhere, but making use of them in the dining area is a strict no-no. This is largely because it is next to impossible to spot clean them. One greasy touch and the entire look get ruined.

Dry clean or machine wash?
When you are shopping for curtains in the family room, try to buy those which can be washed in the washing machine. Those that need to be dry cleaned may not be ideal, in homes where there are little children. You cannot simply throw them in the washer if they get dirty.

Off the shelf or custom made?
Custom made curtains are always a better option than those that you can grab off the shelves. This lets you customise the size and shape as per your requirements and hence will create the kind of look that you were looking for. However, there will be a considerable difference in size as compared to off the shelves one.

Possibly the most common mistake that everyone makes is that, they forget to measure the size of the window. Never guess the size. Chances are that you will get it wrong. Always measure both the width and height before shopping for curtains.

As is the case with interiors, you will have to buy curtains of the colour which matches it. Or, you can choose a colour which contrasts everything that is present in the room. Both work well when done tastefully.
A lot of things go into picking the right curtains, however, the final product will have a killer effect on your interiors.