How To Choose The Right Chandelier Size?

Chandeliers add a whole new dimension to the room. It is like jewelry for your home, and irrespective of the kind that you choose, they are a great way to dress up the rooms and make them sparkle. However, it is important to ensure that the chandelier is of the right size, with respect to the room you will be putting it in. Sometimes these pieces can be dramatic, and so it is necessary for one to know the size of the chandelier that will fit into the room.

Follow the instructions mentioned below, in order to ensure that the chandelier is not so small that it will be dwarfed by the size of the room. At the same time, the chandelier that is too large may overwhelm it.

Before you even choose a chandelier, measure the room that it will be going in. Figure out both the height as well as width of the room. Irrespective of the kind of chandelier that you will end up choosing, it is very important to get the proportion right. Too big, and the room will be intimidated by it, too small, the chandelier will pretty much be invisible.

Now that you have the measurement of the width and height of the room, take the numbers and add it. For example, if the room is 10 feet by 12 feet, then a chandelier that is about 22 inch wide, will be best for the room.

There is another method to determine the size of the chandelier. Measure the width of the room and then for every foot, calculate 2 inches. For example, if the width of the room is 16 feet, then you will need a chandelier that is 32 inches wide.

If you are not very comfortable with having to figure out the length and width of the room, then you can simply examine it. A tall and large chandelier would not be practical at all, in those rooms, which have a low ceiling.

Try to ensure that there is sufficient clearance between the chandelier and the floor. In case it is being hung over a table, then you will have to maintain at least 30 inches between them. In case of a foyer chandelier, hang it at a height of 7’. If the foyer is two stories tall, then it shouldn’t be lower than the second floor.

Always keep a keen eye on the chandelier’s style. Although proportion of the room and chandelier is always stressed upon, a small yet ornate piece may look great in a large room, and a plain and large chandelier will not look out of place in a small room. Measurements are important while choosing a chandelier, but trust your judgement when choosing the style of the same.

All of the above mentioned points are very important, when it comes to choosing a chandelier. It can either make, or break the look of the room. Always remember that a good chandelier, binds the entire room together.