How Outdoor Lighting Can Create Street Appeal

How Outdoor Lighting Can Create Street Appeal

Outdoor lighting has the power to transform your home’s street appeal. Most of your guests and, if your home is on the market, prospective buyers will only see your home in the evening. Often, at this time, some of the best aspects of your property are lost in the darkness.

Well-executed outdoor lighting can enhance the natural architectural flow. It can also brighten your landscaping, which contributes to the broader kerb appeal of your property. Quality outdoor lighting will also add value so that you can yield a higher return by maximising the liveable space outside of your home.

If you’re thinking about choosing outdoor lighting but aren’t sure of the benefits, the first step is to narrow down exactly what you need the lighting for and how it should work within the space.

Direct Lighting
How do you intend to use the outdoor areas around your home? To make this a simple decision, split your lighting solution into three main categories. The first is direct or task lighting. This is focused in the space that you plan to work in, such as around the garage or driveway. Quality task lighting should emit enough light that you are able to complete the desired task and reactivate the light as needed.

Mood Lighting
Mood lighting is useful to create a strong presence and enhance the style of your exterior space. While dimmer lights are ideal for an entertaining zone, a bright pendant light can offer a welcome introduction on your front porch – the first stop for a visitor. With the right mood lighting, you can create a space that is romantic or vibrant, secluded or extended.

Decorative Lighting
Decorative lighting is there primarily to complement the aesthetic of your home, whether you live in a brand new custom home or heritage-listed building. This could incorporate wall-mounted lights at either side of the front door or small floodlights buried in the garden. Think of decorative lighting as the crown jewel equivalent for your house.

For this reason, take the time to research the best style, shape, colour and size that is in proportion to the exterior area of your property. Once you have determined the purpose of your outdoor lighting, it is much easier to discuss your options.

Take into account the follow elements, before you make a purchase:

Scale Your Outdoor Lights
If used correctly, overhead lighting in your indoor-outdoor entertaining zone will add a touch of excellence. Consider the exact configuration of the space before you select your lighting. A large drop light over a small lounge set could be overbearing. Quality outdoor lighting should never overwhelm or clutter your yard. If you would prefer to use a wall fixture, measure the parameter to ensure that each light is spaced proportionally.

Increase Your Home Security
Many homeowners forget the most practical and valuable use of outdoor lighting – security. Quality outdoor lighting should be installed in walkways, sidewalks and around the entirety of your house. If your lighting is too dim, this will be a welcome sign for intruders.

On the other hand, if you select exterior lights that are too bright then this could spiral your budget and disturb the neighbours. No new homebuyer will want to move into a property that is already disliked by everyone on the street!

While custom homes built within the last 5 years tend to have plenty of high-tech security features, older houses can neglect this. If you are looking for a low-budget method to deter thieves, adding motion-activated floodlights into your garden is a simple solution.

Extra Tips

Still unsure about the right amount of lighting you need to boost the kerb appeal of your home? Try to follow the standard set by your neighbours and the wider community, to get a better idea.

Show off the best landscape features of your garden, such as native trees or manicured flower beds. Whether illuminated from underneath or by a light mounted on the tree, this will transform the plants in your yard into a stunning focal point.

Keep the focus clear toward your entryway. This will welcome guests and potential buyers straight to the front door. To avoid a runway look, scatter and limit your lighting along the front pathway.

Vary your light fixtures by choosing different styles and sizes, that way your outdoor lighting will subtly illuminate and enhance your property, without distracting from your home.

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