How To Choose LED Lights For Storefront Windows

How To Choose LED Lights For Storefront Windows

As the first engagement that customers have with your shop, a well-lit and beautifully designed storefront can make the world of difference to the success of your business. Using LED lighting can be a creative and simple way to attract customers and brighten up your store.

It’s important to remember that a store’s LED Lighting design should complement the type of store it is. Particular colors, designs and arrangements create an atmosphere which needs to correspond with your business’s personality.  Choosing LED’s need not be a complicated process. Just follow this guide to choosing your ideal LED lights.

Types Of LED Lights

Just as there is a range of different lighting options which includes LED lights, there are types of LED lights.


Strip lights have a high light output but is low on energy consumption which makes it cost effective, versatile and most importantly, bright. The brightness and low energy use is perfect for most storefront windows.


Modules are great for both indoor and outdoor use. They are energy efficient and easy to use.  The wires can be cut and re-connected depending on the requirements. They are also available in a variety of colors and in multicolor.

Choosing The Right Color


White LED lights suit pretty much everything. They can be fun and bold when used with the appropriate storefront decorations, but they can also be simple and professional. Companies such as Attorneys, Gyms, and Accounting firms tend to use white LED lights.


Red, blue and green, are often used in more flashy spaces. These colors attract attention and make a bold statement. Stores that use these colors are often adult stores, food trucks, and cellphone stores.  These colors can also be used to represent product based businesses.


These lights are designed to not only flash different colors but are also mixed to form other colors such as pink, orange and purple. Multicolor lights are fun and informal. They’re likely to be used in entertainment stores or stores that appeal to family and kids, such as food trucks, barber shops, junk stores.

Finding The Right Temperature

LED bulbs are not perfectly consistent, so you’ll want to buy all the lights for a particular section in one batch in order to avoid the colors being mismatched.

LED lights are cool in comparison to other types of lightening so you won’t have to worry about cooling the space down. You should nevertheless be cautious as they could fade products.

Bulbs each have a natural color tone which can influence the atmosphere of your store. Consider the temperature of the bulbs before using them.

If you are opting for a more natural look, consider using bulbs with a temperature of between 4000-4500K.

For professional or office spaces, consider 5500-6000K

LED Controls

Having a controller for your setup allows you to optimize the functioning of your setup. Control when they switch on, switch off, as well as the level of dimness. With RGB lights, you can control the sequence of colours and the flashing or strobing effects. This is great if you want to customise your storefront as much as possible.

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