How to Choose the Best Lighting for your Renovated Room

How to Choose the Best Lighting for your Renovated Room

When you are thinking about lighting in a room which you are renovating, there are two things which you need to be considering – the functionality and the style. The best lighting for your room will be both functional in giving just the right amount of light that you need – not too little, and not too much, and by adding something to the style and theme of your room.

The lighting of a room is more than just about being able to see. In fact, a room’s lighting plays a massive part in the overall ambience of a room. If you don’t get the lighting right, a room can look dingy, or over lit with no charm. You can make your room romantic, relaxing, spacious or easy to work in just by how you arrange its lighting.

There are many different lighting options available to interior designers and home owners, and it can prove to be quite a daunting task. So here`s some help to guide you through making the important decision of lighting…

Ceiling Lighting

There are three kids of ceiling lighting, each with their own merits.

  • Flush lighting is where the lightbulb is set flush against the ceiling. This is best used when there is a low ceiling, so that the light is spread about as evenly as possible.
  • Semi-Flush lighting is where the lightbulb is hung a short distance from the ceiling. It gives a similar effect to the flushed lighting, but gives you the chance to make more of a statement about style, adding in lightshades or other design features.
  • Pendant Lighting is where your lightbulb is hung a longer distance from the ceiling, usually over a table or kitchen island. This gives a more focused light but the room needs to have a relatively high ceiling.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces offer a subtler lighting effect. The light is more subdued and usually a number of wall sconces are used giving a better spread of light across the whole room, instead of having just one light source (usually) in the middle of the room.

For people wanting to create a warm, cosy or romantic atmosphere, wall sconces are an excellent idea.


Another lighting source is a stand-alone lamp. Depending on the size of the room you have, you will probably need more than one, but a series of lamps can offer a spread out, atmospheric feel to your room.

How to choose your lighting…

The decision about what lighting you are going to use in your room is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, so:

  • Make sure you think about your options and plan it properly
  • Set yourself a budget and stick to it – it’s easy to get carried away!
  • Make sure you know whether the lights that you like are there for a practical or stylistic purpose so that you get what you want from your lighting.
  • Remember that if you can`t find exactly what you are looking for, there are options to have lights custom built.
  • Be aware of where there might be glare in your positioning of lights.


When you are thinking about where you are going to put your lights, you need to also think about glare. A badly positioned light can mean shadows in the wrong places and glare on TVs, so what should you think about in terms of glare?

  • Position your lighting away from TV sets or computer monitors
  • Think about using indirect lighting like lamps and wall sconces instead of one more intense lighting source
  • If you are using wall sconces, make them well shielded so that the light comes out but that the bulb itself is hidden

“Choosing the right lighting for your room is an important decision” says The Curtain Call Custom Interiors. This is why it’s vital that you know your options and then find the lighting that suits you both stylistically and in a way that works for you.