How to light up your bedroom for better mornings

People often apply too dark design features in their bedrooms, resulting in dull and boring sleeping spaces. While the main purpose of the bedroom is getting some great sleep, it should have a proper amount of light-enhancing elements, too. Otherwise it will be too depressing and uninspiring even for afternoon naps.

How to light up your bedroom for better mornings

From the basics

The process of lighting up your bedroom has to start from the floor. While the majority of people will go for affordable laminate bedroom flooring, it will be more attractive if you make a bolder move, such as a dark hardwood floor. It will give your bedroom a refreshing look and a touch of classy vintage interior design.

Carpets can be beautiful decorations for bedrooms, but if they aren’t maintained properly, they turn into mite-breeding areas that provoke allergic reactions. So, if you have kids, rugs are a better option, especially for dark hardwood flooring.

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Mind the height

When you know the height, it’s much easier to combine lighting fixtures with a palette of colors you will apply on the walls. For instance, the lower parts of the bedroom walls can be painted a little bit darker and the parts from the middle upwards should blossom in bright and shiny colors. That way you will create a widening impression, making the room look more spacious than it really is. As for the lights, the walls should be equipped with simple LED sconce lights.

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Let it expand

Now that you have covered the walls, it is time to get to the ceiling. It represents the peak of your light-up procedure in every sense. So, first of all, you should go with some lighter shades when it comes to the ceiling. As we have already mentioned, if the palette of colors changes from the darker ones on the floor and the lower parts of the walls to lighter shades as you’re moving towards the ceiling, it has to shine like the sun itself. For instance, milk-like white, superlight yellow or light peachy are all great examples of space-expanding colors.

Also, think about lighting fixtures. The most popular bedroom solutions are definitely built-in strips of LED fixtures, but they might be too plain a solution. So, maybe you should think about installing cutting-edge LED chandeliers, like in the Thomas Great Hall at Bryn Mawr College.

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Sleeping enlightenment

In addition to the walls and ceiling, you should turn your bed into a light haven, too. The first two items on that agenda should be two wooden nightstands with some cool bed lamps. In addition, you can pair them with an overhead bed light, too. Moreover, the sheets and bed covers will affect the final amount of light you get in your bedroom, as well as the curtains. Luckily, today you can order those items at popular prices via the Internet. As you are looking for them, the most logical thing to do is to search for mattresses online, so as to get every single piece of furniture that will help you achieve that sleeping-enhancing bedroom décor.

When your bedroom provides you with enough light in the morning, you’ll start your day in a more relaxed mood. So, if you merge them with some of your own original ideas, you will get a bright, cozy room for sleeping and relaxation.