How to Place Bathroom Lighting Like a Pro

A bathroom is more demanding to decorate than many people would believe. It’s a place to enjoy relaxing baths after a hard day at work, put the makeup on at all hours and do your hair. For these purposes, bathrooms don’t have one, but several lights strategically installed to not let you miss a thing. Another aspect is the colour temperature you need from warmer one to set the moods to daylight to give you the most accurate visibility of your skin. Due to these demanding conditions, bathroom lighting is often poorly done and unflattering not only for your personal use but also to the overall decor.

How to Place Bathroom Lighting Like a Pro

To avoid this from happening, here are some ideas which will help you place the bathroom lighting like a pro. There are all sorts of types of lighting specifically designed for every activity you can do in your home. The same applies when it comes to bathrooms and that’s why you can’t be nonchalant about them and you must carefully position them to gain the perfect lamination of the space.

Task lighting

One of the most necessary ones is the task lighting which will help you create the needed level of luminescence so you can perform specific activities. They are most usually placed around or above the vanity. It is intended to help you do some of the simplest things like brushing your teeth or washing your hands. But if it’s not installed properly it can create an undesirable contrast which will ruin the whole atmosphere you tried to accomplish with the complete bathroom design.

Scones and wall lights

Since people mostly use their bathroom mirrors for putting on makeup, shaving or any other tasks requiring the more precise tone of your skin or concentrating on the details, scones and wall lights are the solutions to provide that. They most commonly have multiple bulbs and are positioned at the eye level to better highlight the facial features. Many decide on the makeup mirrors which are not only decoratively interesting but also perfect solutions for providing the correct luminescence.

Ambience lights

General illumination of your bathroom is achieved with the ambient lighting. This type of light is placed all over the space and on the ceiling. It is intended to give the natural luminescence at night and includes downlights, track lights, pendant lights and chandeliers. The most important thing is that they’re placed high in the ceiling so they can reach the far corners of the room. According to the lighting experts from Azoogi it’s all about the incorporating lighting system in your style while being respectful of the functionality of the space.

Accent lighting

And lastly, accent lighting is not a necessary part of the bathroom but you may use it if you want to highlight certain aspects of your design, an artwork or just for creating the ambience. If used, the most popular ones are night lights and strip lighting. They are perfect to leave them on during the night since they are low-levelled and are sufficient to illuminate the path to the bathroom. You can also install them under or behind the vanity and mirrors, and they can be especially interesting if you have glass sink light by it from underneath.

Natural lighting

When it comes to natural lighting it’s all about the manner you project it in the space. Even though all lighting needs to be incorporated in the design at the very beginning of drafting it, natural lighting requires some more finesse and strategizing in order to achieve the perfect amount of luminescence without swallowing up the room. The last thing you would want is to wear sunglasses in your bathroom or be attacked by the sunlight first thing in the morning. Window in the carefully planned position will give you plenty of daylight, but if possible consider installing a skylight which will help you reduce the power bill and still make your bathroom shine in all its brilliance.


When planning to redecorate your bathroom, make sure you include in the preparations all the tasks and activities you do there. Knowing your habits and subsequent needs you’ll be able to visualize your space and choose the appropriate lighting solutions. But just like with any important and vital house assignments, don’t rush it and plan it accordingly to your wishes, and it will be there to last.