How to Refresh Your Home This Spring

Winter is long gone, the weather is no longer dark and gloomy and as you step outside to soak up some sun and enjoy all the beautiful colors the spring has to offer, you should also consider getting some of that spring into your home by refreshing it a bit. While there are so many things you can do around your home to spruce it up, today we’re talking about probably the most important thing for your home: lighting. Whether it’s natural light or really good light fixtures, having good illumination in your rooms can really brighten up your home and make it more inviting and comfortable.

Why natural light is so important

How to Refresh Your Home This Spring

The fact is that when we walk into a dark room, most of us feel uncomfortable and we actually need natural light. Light helps us have healthy skin, eyes and hair, but probably most importantly, healthy mind. Natural light also kills all that bacteria that can be found in the dark and wet spaces. This is why it’s important to live in a well-illuminated home. So, if you’re currently designing a home, think very carefully about window placement. If you’re already settled in a house or an apartment, reconsider how your furniture is placed because by smart furniture placement you can use natural light to the maximum. For example, if you like to get up early in the morning and have some quiet time while drinking coffee, make sure you place your favorite armchair under the window on the east side of your home.

Think about your window treatments

Sometimes the problem isn’t about not having enough light but about using the light ineffectively. Take a really good look at your windows. If you’re using heavy blinds, thick curtains or drapery, you are keeping the much-need light out. Using lighter fabrics like cotton or linen for your curtains can be really beneficial for your home. If you’re thinking about repainting your house, consider using a light and neutral wall color. Light walls and plenty of natural light will not only make your living room look bright and comfortable, but it’ll look bigger too.

And don’t forget about the other rooms in your home. For example, if your bathroom is small and has only one tiny window, don’t paint it in a dark color but rather a very light or even white color. Another room that you should really think about is the kids’ room. Refresh your kids’ room this spring by making sure they have plenty of light so they can be healthy. Then, you can simply get them some interesting kids’ rugs to shake things up a bit since they probably spend most of their time playing on the floor.

After making sure you have plenty of natural light during the day, make sure your home is well-lit during the night by having plenty of lamps around your house. Lamps come in various shapes and sizes, so think about your style. Also, make sure the lamp does its job and actually illuminates the room and think carefully about its placement.

While chandeliers add a special ambience to your home, also don’t forget to include a good floor lamp in the living area to add some drama to the furniture. Furthermore, consider placing a plenty of lamps around the house – on side tables, shelves, and desks. Artificial lighting doesn’t only have an aesthetic function for a home but it’s also practical and flexible so you can always change things up around your home.

There are so many things you can do around your house to freshen it up a bit this spring, but securing your home has plenty of light should be your top priority. When you walk into your home, you want to feel safe and welcome, and by having well-lit rooms will help you feel this way for sure.