How you can ensure safety with high visibility LED Lights


How you can ensure safety with high visibility LED Lights

Most of the articles we read about LED lights are on how energy efficient they are or how much money they can save for us. But one important topic we often leave behind is the safety issue of LED lights. Not just saving the money but security is a vital issue here. That’s why I have chosen this topic for today’s article. Hope you will get all the answers you need.

Reduces Extra Effort for Maintenance

LEDs reduce maintenance requirements by the design and through reduced downtime, the occurrence of failure and maintenance it increases safety. LED manufacturers have always work to give LED lights a useful working life of 50,000 hours which equates to over 5 years of 24-hour use. Comparatively working life of fluorescent lights are a lot less than LEDs and requires a time to time maintenance as they start fading out within a short period of time from installation.

Longevity is of high importance where light is needed to withstand high levels of vibration and mechanical movement as well as high-pressure cleaning to remove dust. As LEDs fixed appliances are made of clear solid resin and IP66 rated make them more compact and robust.

For example, it was clear from a case study that power range led high bay lights from 10W-2000W which are direct replacement of metal halide lamps, implemented in industrial spaces and warehouses, have to go through 70-80% reduced maintenance over the time period of 5 years.

Shatter Resistant Safety Coated Lights

In the past when we had no alternative of fluorescent bulbs, one fear always used to strike our mind that it might shatter anytime due to overheating and those glass pieces can be anywhere and everywhere. But LEDs are made out of hard plastic or coated with a special material to reduce the risk of damage caused by broken glass pieces. This design of LEDs reduces the fear of sudden accidents caused by thermal shock if water is splashed on it in the toilets or kitchen or any other rooms and ensures the safety issues.


LEDs Don’t Emit UV Rays

Some industry or manufacturers claim that LEDs don’t produce UV rays which are not entirely true. This lights actually produce a very small amount of UV rays but they emit even less because the produced amount is converted into white light by the phosphors inside the lights. Museums are using LEDs on a regular basis to light their collections because UV lights can protect and prettify paintings. These lights will actually do less damage to carpeting or window coverings and painted surface than other bulbs.


Protection from Health Issues

When LED first arrived people were so concerned about eye strain or a headache or other health problems that occur due to UV rays (as people did not know a number of UV rays emitted from LEDs) emitted from the lights. But as time passed people learned more about LEDs and their fear started to fade away. Though LED’s are bright and emits white light still it’s not uncomfortable and dazzling. That why these lights are becoming more popular these days and most importantly it’s safe for your eyes to work under these lights.


Reduce Fire Hazards

As Australian, I don’t need you to remind all the devastating fire hazards that we go through very often. Wrong electrical connections or cheap bulb fixture or home appliances are one of the top five reasons of these fire hazards. When you need to change lights over & over it’s not impossible to select the wrong lights sometimes and catch a fire due to higher operating temperature. This is where LED lights came as a life saver and reduced almost 90% fire hazards caused by trashy bulbs.

The standard requires that the bulb designs including LED and all luminaries have to have a tested output and a documentation by a certified laboratory to prove that the light does not exceed safety output thresholds define by a certain luminosity at a given distance. Products bearing any national marks that do not have documented proof of IEC62471 consent can be forfeited from sale and the manufacturer fined. So don’t fool yourself by buying worthless bulbs because it’s not about the money all the time It’s about you and your employee’s safety after all.