Landscape Lighting for a Truly Fabulous Outdoor Setting

Landscape Lighting for a Truly Fabulous Outdoor Setting

When you want to throw an awesome party, treat your family to an evening of outdoor cinema or just relax, you just need to step outside and take the whole thing to your beloved garden. However, since good times don’t stop until the crack of dawn, think about the lighting solutions, too.

Landscape lighting is more than just a piece of décor, but a vital element of your home’s appearance. It can turn a dark garden into a pleasant family area and a forsaken part of your property into something you’ll enjoy more often. Here’s how landscape lighting can change the way your house looks and add to its appeal.

Something from Nothing

The main reason to introduce landscape lighting to your garden is creating a soothing atmosphere – people react differently to a space surrounded by pleasant lights that make them feel relaxed. Instead of spending time in the dark, you could create a calming area just by installing a few lamps and fixtures – who knows, you might even want to set up an outdoor cinema.

However, it’s not just about the number of light bulbs and their power, but also the way they’re positioned. You don’t want to create a light show in your backyard or turn your house into a Las Vegas production. Directing a light beam onto your patio will make it shiny, but will it be pleasant? If you want ambiance, you have to put some work into it and depending where you want to position your lights – onto the patio, the deck or the fire place – there are different ideas you can try.

The Patio

There are many ways to light up a patio, but the best one is by applying a technique called moonlighting. Even though it sounds complicated at first, it’s actually quite simple – all you need to do is place light fixtures as high as possible above the patio and turn them downwards. Ideally, you could use high tree branches or your own house walls to install these fixtures. This way, you’ll create shadows on your patio and basically imitate natural moonlight.   

Another idea is under cap lighting, but only with patios surrounded by pillars or small walls. This technique isn’t as bright and obvious, which is why some people prefer it. It’s subtle and intriguing and creates a perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner. All of these solutions can be applied to an already existing structure and the necessary wires can easily be hidden in the pillars or behind the walls around your patio.

The Deck

Similar to the patio, the deck area can be changed and reshaped so that it includes a number of hardscape lighting fixtures. One the most popular ideas are rail lights that essentially surround your entire deck, illuminating it from all sides. You can also install them on your stairs if you have an elevated deck.

If you’re a big fan of the aforementioned moonlighting, consider it for the deck as well. Simply point the light beams onto its central part and enjoy the ambiance they provide. Keep in mind that these lights have to be both functional and appealing, so you might want to install them on your own, just to make sure they’re up to your standards.

The Fireplace

While many people think that fireplaces produce enough light on their own, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, they are quite illuminating, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enhance their looks a bit.
Having a lovely fireplace and modern fire pits on your deck is one of the biggest assets your outdoor area can have, and they are the source of endless fun and pleasure in the open. Some of the ways to heighten their illumination are rail lights around them or bistro lights that can be introduced into the seating arrangement – they light up the area and are quite necessary when it comes to cooking, grilling and eating outside.

An Added Value

Landscape lights are great for the atmosphere, but are a safety feature as well – they’ll show you where to walk, but can also be activated in case of any suspicious activity around your house. This way, your property will become much safer after dark.
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