Lighten Up Your Place With These Lighting Design Ideas

Lighten Up Your Place With These Lighting Design Ideas

The condo community in the country is growing. Living in a condo like a condo for rent in Makati is also becoming a popular choice of all types of people nowadays. Especially if the country is an attractive spot for tourists and explorers and individuals are more looking to experience resort-style living. To experience the luxurious, living the right elements should come together. This will include the interior designing of the space. The lighting plays the vital part.

In taking an excellent photo, light is everything. Its element is to set the appropriate tone. Mood, and atmosphere. Thus, proper lighting can be the contrast between a breathtaking photo and a fair one. When in an interior designing, lighting can also make a dramatic effect to the ambiance of your place. With proper lighting, makes your condominium look wider and cozier. To make home look picture perfect, here are some lighting ideas to liven up your comfort.

To improve the general look and feel at home, you must consider installing contemporary light fixtures in different parts of your condo. A stylish form of a light fixture is architectural light, which is called so because it is incorporate into the design structure of the unit. This type of light fixtures comes in forms: accent, task, ambient, wall washers, track lighting and down lighting.

  • Accent lighting is used to emphasize objects or areas at some lighting angle other than perpendicular to the floor. This type of light has adjustable lamp position. It can act as a decorative or highlighting device. The flexibility of focus of these types of light is an essential feature.
  • Task lighting is mainly a light source which is designed specially to direct light on some task. In most applications, incandescent or fluorescent light sources are typical. Increases productivity by visual comfort, decreased stress levels, for better controlled localized light, and saves energy.
  • Ambient lighting is a general light which is used to provide necessary illuminance to different spaces. It helps to reduce the contrast between bright light sources and their surroundings. It facilitates primary visibility for safe utilization of space. Could be direct and indirect.
  • Wall washers for each unit distance from the vertical surface, must be located at an equal unit of distance from the center. Wall washing also provides light for the horizontal surfaces near the subject barrier. Specular surfaces will produce mirror images of the light source causing a veiling glare. Caution is necessary when directing wall washers at walls with windows and doors. Glare from wall washers may stun any one.

  • Track lighting is more a system of electrical distribution than a lighting technique. Based on a continual available linear power source that also acts as an attachment and support system for various lamp holders. Principally used for accent lighting. Its advantage is flexibility.

  • Down lighting, incandescent down lights usually have a direct light distribution or directed downward. Their basic control of highlights develops the quality and character of shadow. General down lighting is frequently used as the total illumination for an area.

    Light affects humans moods and ability to perform tasks. Properly lit dwellings and spaces can result in the comfort and well-being of their place. The appropriate architectural lighting can contribute significantly to the safety and look of a condominium.