Lighting Tips To Brighten Up Your Home


Lighting Tips To Brighten Up Your Home

When you think of your home, you will notice a wide range of things from furniture to decorative items that make up your place into a beautiful home. Just imagine your place has every kind of decor item and stunning furniture, but there is no light. It will be like living in a beautiful home in dark. Light is one of the most important things for any place. We need light to survive, to carry out our tasks and most importantly, to live with ease and comfort.

Lighting plays a vital role for any place and it plays a major role in making your home look beautiful the way you have decorated it. So, it is essential that you should have a proper kind of and sufficient lighting in each of the areas of your home. Now, when you think of the light in your place, understand that not every space of your home needs the same type and amount of light. It means that each of the areas needs a different kind of lighting and also in a different amount.

Moreover, you can say that the lights in a space contribute majorly in enhancing it the way it actually is. Therefore, make sure you get the perfect lighting for every room and space of your home before you plan to take it ahead.

Let us take a look at some of the important tips that will guide you in selecting the perfect lighting for your home.

Choose a fixture style

There are different kinds of lighting. It depends on what type you want for your home. You may have a rustic or an industrial feel in your home and get the lighting accordingly. But, you need to look for a fixture to complement it. For this, start with a favorite item in your room and get a complementing fixture for it. When you have a modern sofa, look for lighting with clean lines to enhance your space. Go for the style your home holds and get the fixture style that complements it.

You also get decorative lighting fixtures with beads, crystals and decorative glass shades. You can mix and match to play with lighting.

Layers of light

There are basically three layers of light namely ambient, task and accent. The type of lighting depends on the size and type of your room. But, generally, you will need at least two to brighten up the room. Sometimes, you can add a layer of light to give a dramatic effect to your home’s lighting.

  • Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, is needed in almost every room of your place. It provides a comfortable level of overall light. This kind of lighting is usually, needed in the overhead lighting.
  • Task lighting, as the name suggests, allows you to perform a task. It provides an intense and direct light needed for a work like reading, writing, or cooking.
  • Accent lighting allows you to highlight particular and specific home decor items like a painting or a mantel. It is also known to serve as a secondary source of lighting after ambient.

Lighting your overall home

When you think about arranging the lighting in your home or office, just think about the general tasks you may need to do and bring the one that suits the best. For example, your office may need more lighting compared to your home or bedroom. Additionally, you can add a dimmer switch to increase or decrease the light in your space and have flexibility. For example, when kids are doing their homework, you need to have more of light and when your friends turn up or you watch TV, you can dim it.

The foyer

A foyer is a space in your home that creates the first impression of the overall place. Therefore, you may need to have an ambient lighting over here. If your foyer has a vaulted ceiling, you can go bold with a chandelier or a pendant lantern to have a dramatic entrance. Moreover, if you have a side table, you can have a secondary source of light in the form of lamps.

Living room

A living room is a place where you can hang out with your family or guests, relax, can have a cozy atmosphere of reading a book or watching a movie. It means for doing several activities in just one place, you need different kinds of lighting. Ambient lighting is a must for your living room. Additionally, you can have recessed and flush or semi-flush lights for your ambient lighting. For example, if you have a painting or a mantel, you can add an accent lighting. There are lots of options for lights you can have in your living room like ceiling fans, chandeliers, pendant lights with a drum shade and torchiere floor lamps.


A kitchen is a place where more than cooking goes on, and so, you need a variety of lights. Recessed lighting is a great option for ambient lighting for both small and large kitchens. For example, if your kids are doing their homework at the kitchen island, add an island pendant or individual mini pendants in a row for a task and accent lighting. Make good use of pendants and chandeliers for different purposes of your kitchen tasks.

Dining room

A dining room can be a place for arts and crafts or family games and so, needs to be lit accordingly. You can have chandeliers as the best source of the ambient light. You can also try placing lamps on a server.


A bedroom is a place where you need peace and calmness. Therefore, the lighting also should be such that it allows you to rest and relax. You can have bedside lamps or wall sconces installed above the bedside table that provide task lighting for reading in your bed.


Today, bathroom lighting has gone completely to a new level. Vanity light above the bathroom mirror is a traditional approach. Yet, you can add a glamorous touch by installing chandeliers. There are other glam options like wall sconces or pendant lights on either side of the bathroom mirror.

Thus, there are various kinds of lights that can brighten up your beautiful home. You just have to see the purpose of a particular type of light you want for your space. Now, you can buy lamps online and get to have a variety of options to choose from.