Pendant Lights for Kitchen

Pendant Lights for Kitchen

Pendant lighting is just the perfect way to light your surroundings. They not only look decorative and aesthetically pleasing to the eye but help make a style statement. If you are looking for new ideas to light up your kitchen areas, do consider pendant lights for the kitchen. Those lights are also known as drop or suspender. The light fixture is suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod from the ceiling. They are hung in straight line over kitchen counter tops.

Avoid creating poor lighting

As the pendant lights are smaller and placed in sets, it is essential to follow the general rules for so as to avoid making poor lighting. Generally speaking, 60-75 watt equivalent pendant lights for the kitchen would be repaired for every 20 inches of counter space. As for the height, pendants should be fixed high enough so as to allow unobstructed view. Place the pendants about 28-38 inches above a countertop. However, those guidelines are subject to change as a lot will rely on the design of the pendant and the height of the inhabitants. The main task is to make sure that all aspects work together to create the right illumination.

The Rule of Three

When working room in a kitchen, it is very essential to have good lighting. The Rule of Three is the most basic rule, and it is easy to achieve by repeating an element three times to create the right lighting conditions. Usually, one finds three pendants over the island and the fourth coordinating pendant over the sink. However, one need not follow the Rule of Three strictly as a lot depends on the size of the kitchen and personal preferences. In some kitchens, two pendants produce enough light to do their job.

Different designs for pendant lights for kitchen

These days there is an immense variety of funky and decorative designs available for pendant lighting. As homeowners, pay attention to your needs, preferences and budget before looking for pendant lights for kitchen. There is an enormous variety of sizes and materials from metal, glass, concrete, plastic in the Pendants. The modern pendants make use of halogen bulbs and are energy-saving models.

The stainless-steel pendant lights blend beautifully with the hardware and appliances in the kitchen and give it a contemporary look. Go for vintage style pendant lights to add aesthetic appeal in the kitchen. Glowing Pendant Lighting gives an extra glow and look dramatic. The organic shape and unique texture of shapely pendants simply add a unique touch to your kitchen. The right choice in pendant lights above the island lends a perfect finishing touch to your traditional kitchen with contemporary touches. Cast, a warm glow throughout the work space with those lights, hung from high beams.

Create the perfect lighting for your kitchen by making the right choices from the different shapes, styles, and colors of pendant lights for the kitchen. Whether you are looking forward to dinner preparation or a casual mealtime, go for a style that fits perfectly with the space.