Smart Lighting Tips for the at Home Bar

Smart Lighting Tips for the at Home Bar

A bar in your home is an amazing way to relax, unwind and spend time with your loved ones and guests. A home bar is inviting and can be the centerpiece for entertaining during the holidays and all year round. There are hundreds of styles of home bars from bar carts to complete built in bars. Most importantly, there are hundreds of options when it comes to lighting for your at home bar. From pendant lighting to track lighting, these lights add an ambience to the bar without wasting precious energy. Here are some great options for your lighting.

Pendant Lighting

While you are sitting on your leather bar stool, you will want to feel the cool of the bar air around you instead of the heat of a hundred lights. With pendant lighting, you are given the ambience you want with the lighting you need. A pendant light hangs down from the ceiling in a single unit fashion, with one light bulb inside. These lights come in hundreds of shapes, sizes and types and are perfect for bar lighting. The cord is hung inside of the bar which attaches to the lamp and hangs down right above the bar.

 Pendant lights reflect their light directly onto the bar’s surface, instead of all over the room. You can choose from mini pendants, large pendants and even light fixtures with multi-light pendants for a larger bar area. Pendant lights are shielded and follow guidelines according to the IDA or International Dark Sky Association. Pendant lights only emit light in small amounts, instead of the large amounts that typical light fixtures emit.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a unique way to add custom flair and style to your bar without adding too much light and wasting energy. Track lighting is a bar that is placed on the ceiling with multi light bulbs attached to the track. You’re able to move the lights back and forth to focus the light on wherever you decide is best. Track lighting is great for indoor and outdoor use. If your bar is outside by the pool, you can reflect the lights just right so you do not pollute the view of the stars. Track lighting can be used with LED lights as well in order to create a better ambience towards the bar. Track lighting gives you a great view without overdoing it.

Smart Lighting

Remember, if you do have lighting outside, you should be aware of light pollution and its effects on the night sky. According to the IDA, or the International Dark Sky Association, outdoor lights should only be on when needed, be no brighter than necessary and be fully shielded or pointed downwards. Both track lighting and pendant lighting is great according to their guidelines. These types of lights are shielded, only emit light in small amounts and can be turned on and off when needed. Your lights should be installed according to these guidelines for the earth and well as your health.

If you’re looking for the perfect ambient lighting for your bar, a pendant light system or track lighting is perfect for your needs.