Your house will speak a lot for itself with the kind of patio lighting ideas used. To get the best option for the patio lights you can either invest in some good lights to get them form a local designer store or an online store. In case you want to work on a cost effective way you can even indulge in some of your own creativeness with the lights. Get hold of some pieces which you feel can be assembled in some attractive lights for your patio and start work on them.

In a situation where your yard has a beautiful tree in the area; you can use the tree for your patio lighting ideas. Use some string lights on the tree or small chandeliers to be hung from the tree. This creates a nice illumination and makes the tree as the center of attraction. You can through some comfortable seating around the illuminated tree to create a smug feel. If you are a wine lover your wine bottles can come in handy now. Use them for the old fashioned lighting. Piece the cap and pass a wick through it and fill the bottle with a spirit. Space the bottles as you desire in the yard and illuminate them as dusk settles in.