Ways To Get The Lighting Right At Your Home

Lamps are a very important fixture in any room. Not only do they light up the area, they change the look of the entire space as well. They can help set the mood, ambience etc depending on the usage.
How do you ensure it? Follow the tips given below.

Mix floor and table lights

Use a combination of both floor, as well as table lights, when you are doing your place up. Having multiple lamps, is a great way of adding a little something to an otherwise plain room. You can use them to add art, colour, shine or even abstraction to the area.


Lamps are fantastic for the interior of the rooms, provided it is done in the right manner. Consider the size of the lamp, and also the purpose before choosing a fixture. If the place is large, then you may make use of overhead lamps. If you are placing it next to the sofa, then a smaller floor lamp will do the trick.

Let them make a statement

Just because a lamp imparts light, does not mean that it should not make a statement. Choose a unique lamp, something that will pop out against the remaining interior of the place. Something like a black lamp against a pale background, or a sexy little piece will help in this regard. But be careful to not go overboard with the idea. Too many bold pieces in the room, spoils the entire look.

Avoid canned lamps

The reason why it should be avoided is because people consider it to be an overhead fixture, and use it as a sole source of light. If used, canned lamps should be used sparingly. Never buy one too many of these, since they may overshadow the rest of the interior.

Mix and match

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to mix colors in your interior. However, do make sure that it is being done so tastefully. A few mismatched items in the room, adds layers to the interior design.

Mix lighting styles

You can make use of more than a single style of lamps, within the same area. For example, the sitting area can have a floor lamp, overhead lamp and also a table lamp. There is no particular approach to these things, just wing it. More importantly, trust your instinct.


A lot of times, the lamps bought are perfect for the room, but placing it in all the wrong places might have a jarring effect. If the electrical outlet is far away from the position of the lamp, do not draw the wire all across the room. If possible, invest and get some extra electrical outlets. Else, you can place the lamp near the outlet, and arrange the furniture around it.  There are not really any rules when it comes to choosing the right lamp for your home. However, there are suggestions. At the end of it all, it really boils down to your personal taste and lifestyle.