As the name suggests, these table lamps are quite rare. You will not find these readily available. Normally, the market is not the place to find it. You will be lucky if you can find one. But yes, there are places, where you will find antique table lamps. You must also need to understand on how to choose antique lamps.

These lamps are certainly rare, and have a certain value and demand in the market. However, you must pick the right one. Some of these lamps have been damaged due to poor maintenance, and now do not look to carry the same value. Avoid such lamps.

Here are the few tips you need to know about antique table lamps before you buy one.

Know the manufacturer and age of the lamp

When you decide to buy antique lamps, you must locate the maker of the lamp. Knowing the name of the maker will enable you to know how old the lamp is. Look at the lamp closely and see if you can locate any sort of mark, or any signs that will tell you the age and the make. 

You may also find metal plate, probably, a smaller brass plate, which has a name inscribed on it. You must clean the lamp with a duster, and look for the details.

See if it’s working

Sometimes antique table lamps do not work. Since, these are antique pieces, some problems creep inside the device. You must ensure that the plug, the cable and the lamp are working. And the best way to know is to plug in an electric socket and find whether it is indeed working.

You are advised not to use any electric cables that are torn. It is always better to replace any damaged cable, and then check. Torn cables could be a risk.

Check the lamps general condition

Time can take a toll on antique table lamps. And it will always be a wise choice to look carefully before you make a purchase. Old lamps may get cracks in the body, or might need a heavy repair. You may love some of these antique pieces, but if the damage is pretty hard, then there’s no way you can own it. It’s for you to make a choice.

Is the lampshade fine

Check to see, if the lampshade is not damaged. You may accept the damaged lamp body, but if the lampshade is in a pretty bad shape, avoid at best. Look for another one. There may be other antique lamps, with better lampshade, which can be a better choice for you.


Finally, choose what satisfies you, even if the lamp is somewhat in a bad shape.