What should you know about chandelier shades

What should you know about chandelier shades

What should you know about chandelier shades

It is very important to understand the technicalities of how shade can be tailored to your needs. Some do it through their experiences, while others don’t have the patience. It is better to look at guides where you can go straight to find your answers.

Here is a small reference you may take as a guide

There is a simple basic principle on how shades are formed. You must use a very basic lamp shape. Importantly, the advantage with a basic lamp shade is that it gives you a lot of options. These basic lamp shades allow you to have a lot of variety of shades.

The best you can do is to have the same shape that the base of your lamp has. Now, if the base of the lamp has a rounded shape, then why not have a rounded shade. It is perhaps, the best, because the arrangement is so compatible.

The other aspect about chandelier shades is that you can use contrasting base with a shade. Imagine using a rounded shade, when the base of the lamp has a square shape. The contrasting nature of arrangement provides you with an attractive looking lamp with a great shade.

However, choosing chandelier shades is not just limited to the shape of a lamp. You should also look at the size of the lamp shade. A proper size changes the appearance of the lamp. A long shade base with a short lamp or a short base with a very long height can be very annoying to look at. The one rule that works out best is having a shade base, which has a diameter not greater than the height of the lamp. That doesn’t mean that you can have a very long lamp in height, with a very small shade. It will not provide enough balance to a lamp.

The next step is how to choose the colour of a shade. Chandelier shade’s colour is very much dependent upon the colour of your walls. It also depends on whether you want the lamp to take centre stage inside the room. Contrasting colour shades is fine, but too dark shades can be a huge turn off. Also, the colour of the shade has to take into consideration on how longer you will use a lamp. If you intend to use the lamp longer, then go for a simple colour shade.

Always remember that the bulb you use also plays a part in finalizing the shade you will eventually use in a lamp. Some lampshades will not be able to cope with high wattage bulbs. Therefore, you must consult with an expert to determine the perfect bulb for the lamp.

Chandelier shades is trickier to choose. You must experiment with different choices. There should never be a fixed rule on how to choose chandelier shades. The bolder you become, you are more likely to come up with something absolutely new, which will perhaps, surprise you and give the room a new appearance.