Why Good Lighting is Important in Interior Design

Why Good Lighting is Important in Interior Design

“I’m a firm believer that lighting affects mood, and twinkly lights on strings bring something magical to occasions ranging from concerts to weddings, though I’m fond of using them as year-round home decor. There’s a reason why they’re sometimes called fairy lights. When the night is right, there aren’t any strings at all.” – Erin Morgenstern

Whether you realize it or not, having a good lighting is one of the crucial factors that contribute to a good interior design. It is so important that it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room, and can create the mood and ambiance of your home. A good lighting does not just illuminate the space but also gives you the sense of comfort and a safe environment apart from adding some design to the interior decor.

There will always be a lot of advantages when it comes to having a good lighting. Whether you are living in Sedona Parc or any real estate property in the Philippines, there is no reason for you not to have a good lighting at home. To give you more of it, we list down some advantages and reasons as to why good lighting is important in interior designing.

Color Management

Admittedly, we tend to appreciate the designs at home even more if we pair it with a good lighting. That is because lighting can add to or subtract from the overall colors of the room. That means, if you have darker colors, which would give you the feeling of having smaller and cramped a room, a good lighting can make it do the opposite. Keep in mind that when you have the right lights at home, it will help give you an illusion by further illuminating the walls. Also, if you wanted to have a more dramatic ambiance, you can have a recessed lighting where it has a soft, downward glow that illuminates the floor and not your walls. With this, it will give you the right amount of ambiance that you need.

Directional Lighting

Apart from the fact that good lighting can illuminate the entire room, lights can also highlight very specific elements that you want to flaunt on your room. For instance, if you want to flaunt your wall painting, the vase of flowers on an entryway table, you can install a light from the ceiling, or have adjustbale lamps where its neck pointed at a particular direction. Having a good and the right lighting at home is an advantage especially when you want to show off a particular design or decoration at home.


Obviously, a home would not be complete when there are not lights at all. It illuminates the entire room. Even if you go for a chandelier, it still serves its purpose – and that is to give light to the dark especially during the night time. Regardless of what type of light feature would you like for your home, it will always give you the right amount of light that you need. When you choose a light, it is best for you to consider the style of lighting that you want to ensure you will get the best directional or luminescent type for the setting. Of course, that will always depend on what style your home needs.


Having an illusion of a bigger space at home is also one of the advantages you can get when you have a good lighting at home. When you have a darker room, then you have to make sure that you can bring in a more full-spectrum natural light. This will create balance and harmony between the dark colored room and the light. Always keep in mind that a natural light beats man-made lightings. It is because it shows off colors better and adds an appeal to the room by bouncing off reflective surfaces. If you want to have a more natural ambiance of your room, then consider having some skylights or large windows. It is in this way where you will get the desired amount of natural light.

If you are one of those homeowners who is thinking about what kind of light should they have for their home, then you might think of a way where it can be of benefit to you and your home. Never choose a light that would not give you the light you exactly want to have. When you have the right lighting at home, then you can appreciate the things around you.